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eta: I locked comments on this post because only this entry attracted spam everyday and it was really annoying to check and delete them.

Wow. I’m really fucking late on this one. I didn’t find it earlier because I had been searching for “rip slyme” instead of “rip locks.” Since they aired TWO new songs from the new album, our nicovideo hero decided to upload the entire episode instead of cutting them up. Enjoy the May 25th episode of RIP LOCKS! with Ryo-Z and Ilmari.

The first song is Good Day, which we’ve all already heard.
The second and first new song is Journey, which starts at 9:57.
The third and second new song is Watch out! (feat. JUNGLIST YOUTHS), starting at 14:16.


…I’m listening to Journey right now, and let me just say something. For the past few weeks, I was really worried that they were going to turn to the auto-tuner. And they did. Blargh. Actually, it sounds really cute. Nevermind! :) I don’t think it’s necessary though because I think Ilmari’s singing voice is fine, but whatever, it’s not overdone. I love this song! I’m listening to it for the first time as I’m typing this ok! Now fast forwarding to Watch out!….I like this one too! It’s really fun! This album is REALLY promising! The only negatives are that there are two b-sides (only one allowed!) and the album seems short in terms of time length (most of the songs are between 3-4 min), but other than that, everything is great! SO excited! I’m glad our centennial entry was a good one! Happy 100th RSV! ♥

For all the Ilmari gossip, just look at all the ridiculous edits right below this entry (in case you had an rss feed and didn’t know :p). If I find new info I might edit this entry…ugh, I’m so disorganized.
ETA: The magazine’s page about Ilmari and Yuri. Better pictures over here. Both are wearing black hats. Judging from all the reports and reactions, this is kind of a big deal and a shocker. Mostly because Ilmari just got out of a five year relationship [with Nonami Maho] that seemed to be escalating towards marriage. Arg. WRONG, THIS IS A BIG DEAL BECAUSE APPARENTLY “EBI-CHAN” IS REALLY FUCKING FAMOUS. =P Tokyograph’s article on it.

eta 5/28: #3 I don’t think they’re married. They’ve just started dating and happened to visit some marriage shrine. Ebi’s family was present. Uhhh okay. That’s it…for now. If I see there are pics of them at the shrine (supposedly idk) I’ll post a link. Hochi Shimbun article on the situation.

To all the people who searched/googled for ilmari’s love life: ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? Don’t look away, my stats know everything. Just kidding.

Also, this whole debacle proves that I should just quit this blog. But I won’t. :D


#1 yes I heard, rumor (hear that? rumor) has it that Ilmari’s got a new girlfriend, an actress named Yuri Ebihara. Uhh I’ll talk about it when there’s more significant news, I don’t like having entries dedicated to pure gossip. :p If you want you can go speculate at the LF forum, we gossip alot there. :x Let’s just say that he seems to be into narcissistic girls…lol. Sources: one, two, three, the website that’s supposed to report it (which seems a little tabloid-y, idk about japanese gossip mags, but apparently there are pics to back it up.) Tbh I really don’t know what’s going on because Nonami Maho is being brought up too…
Oh yeah, the official homepage has been updated with new bio pics and tour goods.


ETA 5/23: FOUND IT SORRY FOR BEING SO LATE I WAS OUT ALL DAY ty karu and asakasoring for letting me know it’s up!! Now, if only I can find the SpongeBob song…

Higher resolution (not quality!) @ Dailymotion

I just finished watching it and I LOVED it! A LOT better than the STAIRS pv! That ending dance was too awesome. I guess they got the idea that we love their choreography. Loved Su as a reporter. Those exercises that Ilmari and Pes were doing looked alot like the ones in the SNL Digital Short of the Japanese version of The Office LOL. This is most likely the new PV on the JOURNEY dvd.

By the way, according to CDJapan, the limited edition of the album is coming with a 10th RIP Anniversary Passport Book! Now I really want it but I’m flat broke lol :( I thought they figured 2005 to be their 10-year mark (Good Job best-of album anyone?), but that was probably just for the start of the group with just Ryo-G Ryo-Z, Ilmari, Pes, and DJ Shoji & Shige. Fumiya arrived in 1997, with Su following suit a year later. Since they had no album last year, they’re using this year to celebrate the 10th anniversary of all five of them together!

Oh, and I was really wrong about the Countdown Japan 08/09 thing. Their performance of JOINT will NOT be on there. Instead it’ll be a medley of BLUE BE-BOP and SPEED KING, and then Nettaiya and STAIRS.

/end edit

Btw, I feel like Rock’n’Roll Radio is this year’s I-N-G. No idea why lol.
The next entry will be the 100th one! omg! Actually I’ve made more than 100 entries but I deleted alot of them, which were mostly the botched romaji lyrics. :p

idgi either but I love it

Excite’s DFM III Photo Report with HQ pics. You’ve probably already seen this, and you probably haven’t. Whatever.

Figured someone would upload it (but not the SpongeBob ending theme?! COME ON!). Here it is! The song starts at :34. Had a feeling it was the Chupa Chups song from the moment I saw the album cover; the “sticker” looks like the Chupa Chups logo. :p Actually I should’ve KNOWN because the first thing they say in the commercial is “Rock’n’Roll Radio”! >:( The song is decent, but I personally like Good Day more.


From hmv and tower listings to your right:

1. Intro [:30]
2. Good Day [5:40]
3. 太陽とビキニ (Taiyou to Bikini) [4:04]
4. Rock’n’Roll Radio [3:30]
5. Do it ! [2:51]
6. Journey [3:39]
7. love & hate [4:49**]
8. Watch out! (feat.JUNGLIST YOUTHS) [3:48]
9. Here comes the hero (feat.トータス松本 (Tortoise Matsumoto)) [3:50]
10. ヒッチハイクガール (Hitchhike Girl) [3:04]
11. SPLASH [3:05]
12. STAIRS [4:06]
13. Beauty Focus [5:46]

I knew that the entire STAIRS single wouldn’t be on there! :p
No spongebob theme :( dvd only

Track lengths are from rakuten. Not guaranteed to be accurate as you can see–
**unless they edited it AGAIN, this might be a typo, the non-digital single version I have is 4:59, with some drums in the last few seconds.

Listen to the radio rip of Good Day on Nicovideo! It starts after 40 secs if you don’t want to listen to them babble.
Go here if you need help registering or navigating.

I love the song! It’s so fun! I don’t know who that guest artist is. It kinda sounds like Hirotaka Mori. Maybe not. I think Ryo-Z said yesterday that the album is influenced by the 60s, 70s, and 80s music eras. The album is looking really good so far!

Twenty-nine left!

eta: ok so the current nico registration page looks a little different than the “english version” that the message board provided. If you still need help, here it is step-by-step:

1. The first box is asking you for your email address.
2. The second box is asking you to pick a username.
3. Don’t worry about the cute picture, the drop down menu there is just asking you to pick a thumbnail.
4. The next thing is your gender. Male / female.
5. Date of birth; year-month-day.
6. Just pick anything from the drop down menu, it’s asking you for where you live [in Japan] lol
7. Pick your password and reenter it.
8. The last thing asks you to come up with a security question and then answer it.
9. On the next page, type in the generated captcha. Then, press the button right below the captcha box, not the one next to it nor the one at the very bottom.
10. Confirmation email yada yada

Hope this helped! I had to make a new username to make sure this was ok lol

If you want to turn the annoying scrolling comments off, click on the speech bubble with the periods at the bottom of the video. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to permanantly turn them off for all videos. There’s also a repeat button next to it, which is what I’ve been using while listening to Good Day. Yes, I really love this song, even though the rip is short lol.


ETA 5/11: I LIED, RIP LOCKS ISN’T CANCELLED. They’re just taking a break for the tour and such. :D They also aired a new song called “Good Day” for the first time. It will be on the new album. That’s all for now. :p

This morning, I learned from a fan’s blog that RS5’s radio show, “RIP LOCKS!”, is ending on hiatus. I scoured through the RL message boards and it seems to be true. :( I couldn’t find an official link, but I’m guessing that they announced it through commercials or something on Tokyo FM. There are five shows left, with the last one on June 8th, just a few days shy of the new album as well as the start of their tour. I’m going to miss my daily dose of RS5 pics!

Now for some gossip…and brief “news” at the end


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