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I found the full music video on I’m loving the song, it’s VERY sexy! Su’s even singing a little bit! :D Her album will be released November 11th. Don’t be afraid to tell me if the video isn’t working. Thanks Karu!!

ETA: Some clarification regarding the song name and such.

Here’s the preview clip of Su and Ai Otsuka, freaking wordpress won’t let me embed dailymotion. :<

Hey everyone! I'm still alive. I've been kinda busy lately, and there have been very little news concerning the boys lately. From what I've seen, they've just been DJ/MC-ing at alot of clubs and parties.

Anyway, Su has collaborated with Ai Otsuka for her upcoming album “LOVE is BEST.” The song is "aisu×time" and there will be a music video to accompany it. I saw a small bit of it on youtube (lol sorry it's been deleted), and you get to see the more sensual side of Su. I mean, yeah, we've seen Su get sexy, but never really slow-and-sexy. It looks quite promising. ;) The album comes out next month. idk when the video will be released, but I'll post it when I find it.

I couldn't find anything about their guest appearance with MONGOL800's latest live! :( But here are some cute pictures of Pessy from a recent blog entry of Wise’s to make up for it. Man, I adore this little cutie. :)