Good Day on Niconico!

Posted on: May 12, 2009

Listen to the radio rip of Good Day on Nicovideo! It starts after 40 secs if you don’t want to listen to them babble.
Go here if you need help registering or navigating.

I love the song! It’s so fun! I don’t know who that guest artist is. It kinda sounds like Hirotaka Mori. Maybe not. I think Ryo-Z said yesterday that the album is influenced by the 60s, 70s, and 80s music eras. The album is looking really good so far!

Twenty-nine left!

eta: ok so the current nico registration page looks a little different than the “english version” that the message board provided. If you still need help, here it is step-by-step:

1. The first box is asking you for your email address.
2. The second box is asking you to pick a username.
3. Don’t worry about the cute picture, the drop down menu there is just asking you to pick a thumbnail.
4. The next thing is your gender. Male / female.
5. Date of birth; year-month-day.
6. Just pick anything from the drop down menu, it’s asking you for where you live [in Japan] lol
7. Pick your password and reenter it.
8. The last thing asks you to come up with a security question and then answer it.
9. On the next page, type in the generated captcha. Then, press the button right below the captcha box, not the one next to it nor the one at the very bottom.
10. Confirmation email yada yada

Hope this helped! I had to make a new username to make sure this was ok lol

If you want to turn the annoying scrolling comments off, click on the speech bubble with the periods at the bottom of the video. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to permanantly turn them off for all videos. There’s also a repeat button next to it, which is what I’ve been using while listening to Good Day. Yes, I really love this song, even though the rip is short lol.


6 Responses to "Good Day on Niconico!"

thanks for the info! the song sounds good!!!
I can’t wait for the album :D

Ohhh, the link don’t work….
I dunno how to register…
can you help me, tina?!


Oh, forget it !! I just register now!!


oh ok good! I was just typing up an explanation lmao

aii The song is Pretty good :)

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