RIP SLYME is absolutely amazing. My love for them is being compacted here because I don’t feel like bombarding the LJ community with my ridiculous and long rants on how cute they are.

This place is filled with fandomness, news, and picspams. I didn’t intend on it evolving into that, it just happened. Plus it seemed like there was a lack of english RS5 sources lol. I didn’t get the idea from Subliminal Beats, but when you look at it as a whole I suppose I’m sort of…continuing what she did? idk lol. Btw it’s a really good read, even though it hasn’t been updated in forever haha.

I used to do lyrics, but I stopped because it felt lame using all the time…plus I’m not Japanese. Go ask Mognet, Cori, Acid Grunge, the LF forum, or for romanizations, or go to

If you take the lyrics, you don’t have to credit me for the reasons above. If they need fixing, please tell me and I’ll credit you.

Where did the name come from? Well…in the beginning it had no name. It was just a directory for lyrics, so it was called “RIP SLYME FIVE” for the time being. Then it started getting hits. I named it RIP SLYME Vibes, based on a line in Nettaiya – “P.e.s.s.y no ai no vaibus” – Pessy’s love vibes. Plus, when you abbreviate it, RSV, it comes out as RS5 if you look at the V as a roman numeral. :) Oh, the coincidences.

In case you were wondering, I am teens on the LF forum, tunadoll on, and tomadoi on Livejournal. If you have any questions, my email is heavenly6 at gmail (february6 is better!). No I do not have a degree in journalism nor am I Japanese, so alot of this is dependent on speculation and the handy Google Translator. Sorry. :x

Thank you, and have a Funkastic tomorrow.

4 Responses to "About"

I don’t have a question, but just wanted to say I think your site is Pretty! We need more fans like you in the UK to spread the love for Rip Slyme!.. Love the sexy ot video, its got a cute vibe to it hasnt it?..

much love

Rip Slyme fan

aww thanks! I’m not sure if pretty is the right word though lmao, unless you’re referring to the layout, which was premade from wordpress. thanks though, so glad to spread the love! :)

so this is a re-make from LJ ???
THANKS good I find it!! even maybe I’m late~~*

nice to meet you!

nah it’s not a remake from livejournal haha. but hey I saw you over in the ustream chat! thanks for all of the nice comments! :) I’ll email you the password to the locked entries!

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