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ETA 8/1 3am est: RO69 posted their Quick Report of the guys at the Rock in Japan 2009 Festival from TWO hours ago! Very quick indeed. They look like they had fun! :*) Check out Pes rockin Optimystik’s new Zebra sunglasses and Fumiya’s new haircut (OH THANK GOD lol sorry fu-baby)!
6pm est: Fumiya, Su, and Ryo-Z at the DJ booth.

Neowing/cdjapan added their listing for the Quick Cut dvd that includes a description (unlike hmv psshh). This isn’t a full list of what’s in it, but here are some of the things we’ll be seeing in the dvd:

  • Music Videos (Nettaiya, SPEED KING, Taiyou to Bikini, STAIRS, Good Day, Good Day adidas original remix by DJ FUMIYA)
  • Lives from 2008 Dance Floor Massive III Final @ Zepp Tokyo, July 12th (not final) JOURNEY tour, X’mas 2008 ~Good Fellows~ (maybe, Christmas live was mentioned lol), I don’t think any of this stuff has aired on tv before so hooray for all brand new lives!
  • 2007/2008 offshot. hmm idgi, might be behind the scenes or something. Apparently they recorded a music video during (or of?) the offshots.
  • “Annual special movie!” omg yes please!
  • Special mouse pad by an artist? What?
  • Looks like it’s only one disc :( It better not be as short as Cut It Now!
  • 4500yen. ew. 945yen off at hmv, but the shipping cost will make up for it.

So what is Rip Slyme up to these days since the tour ended? Well, they have the Rock in Japan Festival to do this Saturday, and some more summer concerts in August that I can’t think of right now. Busybodies! Ya-Kyim (some female hip-hop group) has a new album coming that features Pes in one of their songs, “セイルアウェイ / YA-KYIM respects PES (RIP SLYME)”, looks like it says “Sailaway.” I’ve never heard of Ya-Kyim before, so I wonder what it’ll sound like. That Orquestra de la Luz collaboration album is coming out in a few days as well, featuring Nettaiya. Finally, I was checking RS5’s oricon charts and Taiyou to Bikini is #1 in their chaku-uta category. It is summer time after all.

Sorry I didn’t get to upload the stuff I promised, I’ve been busy these past few days, rendering me lazy when I did find spare time. Here are some videos I did manage to find to bide the time. They’re all from the same user so big fat ty to him. Oh, was someone looking for a good quality version of the BLUE BE-BOP pv? I recall someone asking but that was a long time ago. Check his profile, because he has it, as well as Tasogare Surround, the mtv version of JOINT, and some others.
too many youtube videos on the front page hehe…

from ro69

RS5 finished up their tour two days ago. Setlist for the last night:

1. Good Day
2. Taiyou to Bikini
3. love & hate
4. Rakuen Baby
5. Hitchhike Girl
6. Rock it!
7. Do it !
8. Watch out ! feat. JUNGLIST YOUTHS
9. Rock’n’ Roll Radio
10. Here comes the Hero feat. Tortoise Matsumoto
11. Beauty Focus
12. One
13. Tasogare Surround
14. Journey
15. Tales
18. Medley (Zatsunen Entertainment, STEPPER’S DELIGHT, BLUE BE-BOP, GALAXY)
22. Nettaiya
23. La Bamba (Dragon Ash cover of a cover lol)
24. Good Day -adidas Original Remix by DJ FUMIYA-
25. Wonderful
Second Encore
26. Mata au hi Made (BAND ver.)

RO69’s report on the show. RS5 had a rather large backing band for this tour, which I think is really great. Junglist Youths and Tortoise Matsumoto made a guest appearance for this last concert! Also, at one point in every show, the guys made a band and had their own instruments: Ryo-Z on the keyboard, Ilmari and Pes on guitar, Fumiya on drums, and Su with the bass. On some of the other tour dates, for the encore they would sing Super Shooter (lol probably the most popular RS5 song internationally), SPEED KING, and some others I can’t think of right now. Oh, and the Dragon Ash cover…random much? Hahahah. I wonder if we’ll ever get it hear it.

Sorry I’m a little late on this one. Very interesting remix! The lyrics seem to have been changed around too. I love the colors. Always good to see them just having a good time. Some of the animation reminds me of Blow. I really love the ending verses.

Yesterday at the end of RS5’s tour, fans received a flyer saying that a new dvd will be released on September 23rd (exactly two months from now) called “Quick Cut”, the 4th “Cut” dvd! Hooray! They haven’t announced what will be in the contents of the dvd. I’m thinking since it’s a Cut dvd (Shortcuts!, ROUGH-CUT FIVE, Cut It Now!), there will probably be PVs (STAIRS, both Good Day pvs, etc), some live clips (’08 X’mas show, DFMIII, JOURNEY tour, among a good amount…), commercials, and behind the scenes stuff. Here’s hoping that it’ll have a LOT more than the Cut It Now! dvd, which ran a little under two hours.

That article in Rockin’on Japan says they’re working on a report for us from last night’s Budokan concert…here’s hoping, I’m trying to write a post on it right now after all!

This blogger went to the concert last night and snapped some great pictures of the Adidas booth they had as well as the Quick Cut flyer. Yes, there’s another Good Day pv, but it’s of the remix and it hasn’t aired on tv or appeared online, so don’t feel too left out yet.

The reservation agency Jalan has been using Journey for their Nyalan commercials. I didn’t really care too much, but alot of websites and bloggers felt it was rather important to mention. RS5 answered some questions and Jalan also made wallpapers, which is just a cat with the JOURNEY suitcase on its collar.

I’ve been trying to look up information on RSF after skimming through a blogger with membership (I’ll post her blog in a protected entry, I don’t want to get her in trouble since she did take some pictures of two bits of RSF content, which might be enough to have her membership revoked..idk). I saw a picture of Pes standing in the middle of the airport, and another of the guys at what looks like the Young Flag tour back in October last year. RSF (RS Freak lol) is a special section on that only members have access to. You have to be a resident of Japan to be a member, and I think it costs 3000 yen? Not sure on that one, I read it somewhere on yahoo. I think it’s a subscription too. I believe they’re not taking any new members right now though. Someone on the Lip’s Rhyme forum remarked that they were willing to pay over $700 USD for membership, but they turned him down because he didn’t live in Japan. Anyway, in RSF, you get access to special pictures, videos, candid and non-candid, preferential treatment in ticket sales, etc. *sigh* I wish I could get in…

I think that’s it for now. Tomorrow I might be uploading some more stuff from my CIN dvd, so stay tuned.

You guys need to thank her TONS <333333333
This includes the SpongeBob song, "SpongeBob no Theme," which I'm sure hardly any of us have heard, and behind the scenes of the recording of “Spongebob vs The Big One.”
I love how we managed to nab this during Nickelodeon's SpongeBob bash/marathon (which I've been watching) for SB's 10 year anniversary, coincidences!
You can hear them listening to the original American version in the background at the table. LOL HAHAHAH SU'S VOICE ACTING! HAHA OMG. This is so good, you HAVE to watch this! Hahaa Ryo-Z's coughing. Pes is the leader of the five surfer dudes, so he gets the most lines. Glad we got to see Pes do the twitch sound. :) Also, I think Fumiya might be having too much fun…

If you forgot the premise of this episode, what happens is SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward get stranded on an island after trying to sell Krabby Patties in the middle of the sea. They meet five surfer dudes, played by RS5. The dudes try to teach SpongeBob and Patrick how to surf, but eventually turn it over to Jack Kahuna Laguna (played by Johnny Depp, Shun Oguri in JP version). They reunite with the dudes in the end and play music.

Once again, THANKS V!!!!

Someone on youtube ripped their JOURNEY dvd and uploaded the Countdown Japan 08/09 concerts! Watch them while they’re hot (aka before they’re deleted…)! I’ve already asked them if they could upload the SpongeBob stuff, hopefully they’ll agree to do it! SHE SAID YES!!!!! SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW. Btw they’re all HQ/widescreen at the source, wordpress won’t allow me to customize it. Remember this set was taped on New Years Eve/Day, and they counted in 2009 with everyone during JOINT, which was once on youtube.

four videos under the jump…


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