Regarding Protected Posts

I’ve learned how to make password-protected posts! Yay! This means I can put up goodies! :) Please comment (email addresses are necessary to comment obviously) with either your favorite RS5 member, song, or album and explain why. It should only be one sentence, ie. “Ryo-Z is my fav cause he’s got great energy.” This is so I know that you’re not a bad guy lol. I will then email you the password.

Do NOT share the password!!! NO DIRECT LINKING WHATSOEVER. Unless otherwise noted, nothing inside the posts leaves the posts. I don’t think that I’d care too much if you posted on youtube or whatever…just don’t link back here. lol

All protected posts are under the category “RSV Bar.”

43 Responses to "Regarding Protected Posts"

Ilmari is my fav member because I love his smooth voice! lol

Ilmari is my fav because I love half guys! =P

Su-san is my favorite because he’s CRAZY (in the best possible way)!

PES is my favorite because he’s soo dang cute and his voice is awesome […and he’s the shortest; to me, that’s VERY cute]! :D

Ilmari is my favorite cause he’s got the best flow and he’s the ladies man.

I love old school RS5!

My favorite is whoever sings on “Bring Your Style” – RYO-Z? Or Ilmari?

i would say su because his style is straight fresh!

i love beauty focus, i can listen to that for hrs, just as i do the other Xp

Five is the best album cause every songs ill

I love PES because he has a unique voice quality and he wears cool hats. :)

Fumiya is my favorite because I love cute, quiet types ;)

Can you resend password for protected posts. I must have deleted it :(

Ilmari is my favourite member because of his flow and rap technique, wich is unique in the east-asian rap scene.

My favourite RS5 single is “Blow”, because both songs are great! And the music video is awesome too :3

I love each and every one of them but i guess Ilmari is my favourite because of his unique voice which makes me smile when i’m listening to it:)

my favorite’s the cool guy who’s always in hats – ilmari! fav song – blow, the video rocks too (:

heyyy! I just checked out your lj profile and I saw the RS5 colorbar you have! in case you didn’t know that was made by me LOL omg that thing is like four years old.

ha uhh i totally forgot the password XD

i luv RS5 THEY’RE AWESOME!!! HAVE BEEN A FAN SINCE 5 YEARS AGO!!! MY FAV IS RYOZ CUZ he’s got an awesome voice plus he’s in teriyaki yaki boyz

i love ilmari because he’s cute and amazing at rapping.

Hey this is Joey from before! My computer was stolen and I lost my password! Could you email me a new one? Thanks! =)

I love pes @RS5 because he is so cute & his voice is so lovely` and his song which was he worte is so great`but my fav song is rakuen babii`Dandelion& tasogare surround`one`unplugged`are great song~^^

my favorite song is (I Could Have) Danced All Night from album five…and i like ilmari cuz he looks like au uncle of mine!!!

Pes’s voice was annoying when i first heard RS5, but after awhile, it was his particular tone that kept me interested and now i’m a huge fan of them.

oh how i love love love these guys! i have been listening for years ~~~ i love their fast yet relaxing beats

P E S -san is my Ichiban! coz He’s have an unique voice with cute face! Nice Combination!!

I love Rip Slyme since 2004!

we are twins. I’ve loved them since 2004 and I think Pes might be my favorite as well.

forgot! I’m so sorry! [*busy to watch uSteam]
my fav song is M-I-L-K , love&hate !

lmao it’s ok I already sent you the password before you even requested it :p

i have just founded rip slyme vibes, this is great! thank you for updating! love them all! <3 may i have the password pretty please??

Your website is “Funkastic”.
I can’t say what is my favourite song… I love ,Searchin’, Fade Away, Tokyo Classic, Blue-Be-Bop, About…
For Me, all RS5’s songs are very good.
For the members of Rip Slyme, it’s same.
I just ordered “Good Times-limited edition” and I hope to receive the “password for Regarding Protected Posts” too.
May i have the password please ?

I love their song Journey the first time I heard it.
And I like Pes because he’s the remaining single in the group XD
Password onegaishimasu m(_ _)m

ILMARI is my fave cuz he’s sooo charming & i love his manly voice!~ <3

Hi here~ !

This website is so cool !

I love all the members of RIP Slyme because they have all nice different voices which fits with their melodies !
I think my favorite song is….Oups, I don’t know ! (~^3^)~

I’ve ordered Good Time – Limited Edition and it’s a real happiness to listen their varied music !

illmari is dope and five is a great album

SU is my fav, definitely, he raps the best. My fav song is 太陽とビキニ, it’s got a grrreat vibe ;)

My favourites are Ilmari and Fumiya, and I think that my favourite album is Tokyo Classic. It’s too hard to choose just one!

My favorite song by them is DISCO-MMUNICATION because I love Pes and Ilmari’s rap in that song and because it’s an awesome song to dance to.

I noticed the blog hasn’t been updated for a long time….So I just give it a try…my favorite is PES! he’s cute and talented! I love the songs 白日 and 真昼に见た梦

hi telex, the password is supastep. unfortunately just about all of the links were hosted by megaupload, so everything is down right now. I know I haven’t updated in forever and I feel bad about it, there’s just too much going on for me in terms of school, along with waning interest. If you still want updates though, follow rsv twitter! if you see something in the downloads you want, let me know and I might reupload it for you.


thanks for you reply! It’s ok, I understand a interest won’t last forever, I used to be so crazy about another Japanese band. I have already followed you on twitter :) i hope everything goes well for you in school. Actually I don’t have any ideas of what I want to download now, but I’ll figure out later, thanks a lot!!

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