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courtesy of DJ FUMIYA!

RIP SLYME’s “leader” turns 35 today! You gotta love Ryo-Z for the sillyness he brings in just about every picture and the energy he brings in shows and concerts. He was a big Michael Jackson fan, even emulating him in the Lovi music video haha. Ryo-Z also hosted Rip Locks every week, so props to him for keeping RS5 alive during difficult times (see: Fumiya’s 05-06 absence). When RS5 appears in public, Ryo-Z is usually (but not always) the one doing all the talking because he knows just what to say, so I guess he is deemed the unofficial leader, even though they’re a five-for-all-all-for-five unit. :p Back in 1995 when the group first started, his stagename was actually Ryo-G, after his real name Ryouji. I’m glad he changed it to Ryo-Z. Even though they sound the same when the Japanese pronounce it, Ryo-Z looks a lot better than Ryo-G lol. Btw, if you see the name Ryozzy Jeff on party posters like for Wise or Bape, that’s Ryo-Z’s dj name or something like that.

Ryo-Z super playlist!

WORK THAT feat. Pharrell & Chris Brown – Teriyaki Boyz. Ryo-Z seriously knocked this one out of the park. I can’t even explain it, he’s so good here.

Hot chocolate – That’s him singing the bridge (I think that’s what it’s called?) with Nami Miyahara!! One of my favorite parts in the song.

BATTLE FUNKASTIC – Ryo-Z’s energy is at his high point in this song! I don’t know what he’s saying before Hotei’s guitar solo, but it always gets the audience up and going at lives!

Lovi – Let’s face it, this is a Ryo-Z dominant song. He has more verses than anyone. “Hello, boys and girls!” His presence must’ve been very strong during the Quruli collab. Also, the Michael Jackson Thriller ending!

Juice – He also owned this song too, along with Pes. When I think of this song, I automatically think Ryo-Z.

Wonderful (CHRISTMAS CLASSICS version) – I love how low his voice is in this version! The original had Ryo-Z trying out a more calm and sensual voice, and he nails it in this version!

STEPPER’S DELIGHT – Again, the whole energy thing. Also, apparently he did something weird for the ending of the music video, but I never got to see it because the uploader for all the SD clips online cut it off. :*(

Zatsunen Entertainment – Ryo-Z is the most audible in the chorus after all. :p

Bubble Trouble – Loved Ryo-Z’s “There is a little story that must be told…” with Fumiya on the Funfair tour! <3

SPEED KING – Hip, hip, hip, hip, shake the hip! That’s right, Ryo-Z can dance! hahaha.

Nettaiya – Ryo-Z’s delivery in this song was perfect and sensual, just right for the song. He totally kept his cool compared to the other guys in the music video too! Bahahah.

StroboX – The only song Ryo-Z has composed! He wrote it with Sonpub. He did great in it.

STRANGE (ALBUM Version) – Ryo-Z was granted an extra verse in this version! heh.

WHAT’S UP?~HOW’RE YOU DOIN’? – Ryo-Z was sort of leading it in here.

JOINT – I always think back to the DFMII live, it was the last song and he was probably tired, but he brought out as much energy as possible and he was one of the reasons why it so great. Also, the music video…lmfaooo.

SHALL WE OUT? – TIME TO GO solo rearing off of Pes’s solo.

Niji – “One rainy day sing a song and we’re swingin’ to it all day long…”

Case 2 MANNISH BOY (Zeek no Theme) – Solo from TOKYO CLASSIC.

I-N-G – Ryo-Z’s samurai outfit in the video always makes me laugh, just because it’s SO ridiculously random.

Ryo-Z spam chop chop!

edit 6/24: SORRY, the oricon tv interview/message shit was working last time I checked! ugh I’m so mad about it because it was so cute! The clip was of Pes talking about their new Cut It Now! dvd. Ilmari walks by in the background, notices, and starts waving to the camera frantically without Pes’s knowing. Ilmari climbs on top of the bushes, causing Pes to finally realize he’s there and laughs. Ilmari then runs over next to him and just gives a big goofy smile to the camera, then walks off. :p


Hey guys! Our gorgeous rapper turns 34 today! This part-Finnish part-Japanese mc was actually born in FINLAND. Well, you already knew that. Ilmari’s probably having a really stressful year so far; there’s the new TB album (which he is the “Leader” of), the TB tour, filming PVs, break-ups and very personal gossip, the new RS5 album, and finally the RS5 tour. Actually, he’s got a concert to do today, so he gets to celebrate and hopefully relax a little with hundreds of fans! Looking at more recent pictures, Ilmari seems to have lost a lot of weight. The boy was NEVER chubs, but he was never super thin or built like Pes or Su. Maybe he’s always been this thin, I just haven’t seen many pics of him in a tight shirt or whatever. :p We’re here to celebrate this day Ilmari! We love you and your husky voice and your amazing delivery among other things hehehe…sometimes when I’m watching a video I can’t stop staring at his beautiful face. :p I wonder if the guys actually call him Keisuke in real life…Fumiya referred to him as Keisuke on his blog recently.

Some Ilmari-themed songs for today?

Island – Ilmari co-wrote this with Hirotaka Mori, and he sang the chorus. I like this song alot! “Please?!” :)

Valon (w/ Salyu) – Ok, so the our music performance of this song is the best. :D I love watching him sing Salyu’s part to himself! Also because he looked really cute in the original music video. :x

Mata au Hi Made – Well, Ilmari’s the one opening the song and he’s the one most audible in the chorus. Isn’t that enough? :p

Zannen Boy – Ilmari’s duet with Pes from the FUNFAIR album. He co-wrote it with Yu-ki Nakamura. Check out the FUNFAIR TOUR dvd where him and Pes are playfighting!

StroboX – Ilmari pretty much killed it with this song! :D His grunts and yeahs in the background are so good! rofl

DISCO-MMUNICATION – I like hearing Ilmari chime “u-n-i-t-y” in the background during the chorus. unityyy~

HOME – Another great Ilmari-composed song. Pes did the guitar though.

Taiyou to Bikini – His dancing in the beginning of the video where Pes says the line “koi kogarete shin de shimai sou…” makes me SO weirdly happy everytime I see it. :’) Ilmari’s so cute d’awww! Also, I really love his outro in this song.

Case 4 Bring your style – Ilmari’s solo in the TOKYO CLASSIC album. This song used to be my aim screen name back in 8th grade LOL.

slowdown – The way he sounds in this song is almost as if he’s coming on to you. Which isn’t a bad thing. :9 Everytime it comes on I always skim over to his part!

Journey – I feel as if recently Ilmari is starting to take over Pes’s “chorus boy” (as we deemed him in the lj community) duties! Ilmari is the lead and heart of this song! He sounds lovely, and yes I now approve of the autotune. :p

Watch out ! feat. JUNGLIST YOUTHS – See what I mean as the new chorus boy? Well, Pes is still doing the other chorus, but yeah. :p

Beauty Focus – Chorus boy again! Like Karu said, he did such a great job in this song, specifically in the chorus. I can’t stop listening to it because of him! It’s been on repeat ever since I got the album. ♥ Btw is he saying “ah flameout” after “ah playback”?

Mellow Morrow – Another Pes and Ilmari duet, he wrote this with Hirotaka Mori.

GALAXY – When they do it live, he sings Nami Miyahara’s part (“move on, babe if you got it”), and it’s so cute! Ahhh <3

Asayake Surround – I like the way he sings his verse in this version (maybe they both used the same voice track idk), it’s very pretty.

Supreme – Ok I know Pes sings the chorus but Ilmari completely made this song. I mean, they ALL sound amazing in it, but his part with Nami Miyahara? INCREDIBLE. Alot of the time I fast forward to his part, and when he’s finished I skip over to the next song. I know I said he sounded “horrendous” in the lj comm in this “version” (lol if you’ve been around here enough you’ll know), but that was back when I was convinced the radio rip was dominant, which it certainly is not (I still thought he sounded hot in the radio rip, but now I realize it’s too high)! Ilmari sounds so romantic, sensual, and hot. I melt everytime I listen to it.

WHAT’S UP?~HOW’RE YOU DOIN’? – Oh Ilmari and his crazy beatbox skills.

WHY – I think this was my first glimpse of Ilmari singing. It’s probably my favorite part of the song actually.

Rakuen Baby – Wonderful time, it’s precious time…I know alot of people love this, and I do too!

One (CHRISTMAS CLASSIC version) – idk I just thought he did really great in this version of One, compared to the original.

UNPLUGGED – This has to be one of my favorite RS5 songs; actually, it’s sitting on top of my charts. Supreme actually belongs at #1 but I deleted the radio rip from my library, and that’s why it’s #2. Ilmari wrote this with Hirotaka Mori, and I must say, they did a pretty damn good job with this one. Especially that outro, which, I know is Pes, but still.


T-FM/School of Lock posted their report of the “MY GENERATION” live. It was a little live for the students graduating from a high school in Osaka. They did it a day before Music Station. It will air on m-on! on April 1st. I hope someone uploads it! Here is a little clip of them getting ready. There’s almost 50 pages worth of stuff in the report, and seeing as how there’s a ton of pics with only 1-2 per page, here comes another picspam! Look sorry that there hasn’t been any news lately but Ryo-Z and Ilmari could really use a break ok? Even though it’s probably not gonna happen lol aww.

Songs they did at the live:
-STAIRS (obviously lol)
-Rakuen Baby

I also added four NEW pictures to Fumiya’s b-day post. They’re from his birthday party! :D I put them at the top so that you wouldn’t have to wait to scroll down. :p

Oh and btw, Ellegirl’s doing this thing called Mr.SU’S LOVE CLINIC. Just LOL.

check out the pics!!

Fumiya is finally 30! And by finally, I don’t mean “UGH HE SEEMS SO OLD,” because he doesn’t, I mean that it’s because all of the other guys have been OVER 30 for at least 3 years now. That’s right, the quiet and shy Fumiya Takeuchi, is the youngest one. He got married back in late 2004 I think, so he was 25. I used to worry that he’d have a small fanbase because of his DJ status, but I’m glad I’m wrong. On the FUNFAIR Tour DVD, everybody SCREAMED when they realized he was doing the Nettaiya dance, which was definitely a highlight of the whole thing. My favorite part was when he was secretly recording Ryo-Z talking and then started screwing around with it. Poor Fumiya gets sick often, to the point where he had to take an extended leave from 05-06. :( Let’s hope it won’t happen again, for RIP’s sake and Fumiya’s. :)

Here is an entertaining summary of their first Utaban appearance. Pretty hillarious, poor Fumiya!

Picking out music that reminds me of Fumiya is tough, but I’ve definitely got some in mind that most definitely make me think of him.

Blow – Well obviously, this is Fumiya’s comeback single, and what a track to return on! I’m pretty sure Blow was the song that cemented the fact that I loved RS5 again last summer. I left it on repeat without any prior obsession or “omg I LOVE this song” (which I do), I just had some urge to listen to it again. :p

ELEPHANT – This is because he did this with his BFF Soma, his substitute for when he was sick. :D

Party People (Hosted by VERBAL) – I loved the idea of a samba-esque song, and as VERBAL said, “AND THE NUMBER ONE DJ, DJ FUMIYA!!”

Super Shooter – Fumiya, Pes, and Ryo-Z loved the manga, while Ilmari and Su didn’t know wtf was going on lmao. So I’m thinking Fumiya probably put his all into this song, because it’s for something he loved. AWWW. Super Shooter is probably their most popular song, despite what says. Masterpiece gets all the love because of its appearance on the Babel soundtrack, but there aren’t many youtube vids or alot of hype over it like SS. Oh, and his “solo scratch” on the track is superb.

Rakuen Baby – I feel like RB was their #1 single, not One, because it seemed like everyone went nuts over this song. Good job Fu-chan.

STEPPER’S DELIGHT – Fumiya’s most nostalgic song. He looks like he’s having fun in the PV.

Zatsunen Entertainment – Again, he looks like he’s having fun in the PV. :)

Bubble Trouble – Have you seen Fumiya do this song live? It’s on the FUNFAIR tour dvd. It’s a wonderful sight. He does his little duet with Ryo-Z often apparently. I can’t remember what or when, but I saw a different clip of him doing it again. :D

BATTLE FUNKASTIC – I know, Fumiya didn’t exactly partake in this song, but he loves Hotei, and he did write FUNKASTIC, so it’s must’ve been a huge honor for him to hear that Hotei wanted to work with him. The rest of the guys decide to torture him by taking pictures of the recording and then sending it to him. rofl

GALAXY – I don’t know. This just makes me think of Fumiya more than any of the others. It’s so silly, yet it SCREAMS RS5. lol

Wonderful – Same reason. Probably because the song is very instrumental and stuff. lol

FROG – I really like this and idk why lol

Night Flight – Because it’s part of the comeback.

STAIRS – I’m loving the opening guitar. Guitars in songs make me think of Fumiya, ok? Unless it’s acoustic, then it’s all Pes. ha Btw I updated the ST@MJ post, GO LOOK.

You know what’s coming.


Well, it’s that time of year again…it’s the 27th in Japan….PES’S BIRTHDAY! Awwww Pesss! Pes is such an energetic little kid, I can’t believe he’s already 32? I sorta think of Pes as the hero of RIP SLYME (but then again, they’re ALL heroes!). When Fumiya fell ill, Pes was there to save the day with Hot chocolate and Hey,Brother! Actually, Pes has written the most songs next to Fumiya. Don’t forget…Pes is a huge pervert. And he’s a little cutie. Pessy Pes…Chiba Masatsugu. I love how their birthdays are during the holidays (for the US anyway). I mean, think about it…Su (thanksgiving), Pes (Christmas), Fumiya (spring break or easter), Ilmari (summer), Ryo-Z (summer). haha.

Pes-themed songs for the day? Absolutely.

Today – The ending verse is very interesting to me. A great b-side. Oh…and he wrote it.

One (CHRISTMAS CLASSIC version) – First of all, not only was One their best-selling single, but this is practically Pes’s song. True, Fumiya arranged it, but Pes wrote it. If you listen to the CC version, Pes is singing his heart out. And that is why I chose the CC version instead of the original. Well, the original would suffice as well. :)

Rock it! – I swear, I’m not just picking Pes-written songs, but Rock it! is very Pes. It’s got his energy, and he closes the song. In fact, this song was good enough that it was performed on Music Station despite not being a single! Sort of a random performance? haha.

Case 1 STAND PLAY – Pes’s solo from TOKYO CLASSIC of course.

SHALL WE? – Pes’s solo from TIME TO GO. Call me slow, but I just realized this year that the low/weird sounding voice was his, he just tuned it down haha.

Niji – Niji is such a great song written by Pes. Everyone should listen to it today.

Tasogare Surround – Another acoustic work of Pes. Just watch the Music Station performance of it…which has been deleted off of youtube. :p If you look hard enough, you can find it though! But Pes is just plain adorable in it. Ilmari looks a bit bored and tired initially, but as soon as he notices Pes dancing and being cute, he lights up. No lie.

Mellow Morrow – Pes’s duet with Ilmari from MASTERPIECE.

Dandelion – Dandelion is a feel happy song…and, well, Pes is a happy guy. :)

SPASSO – I used to think Pes had written this, but in actuality Fumiya had. It still has a very Pes feel to it though! It’s a super cute song, and it SCREAMS Pes.

Hot chocolate – The “Pes-saves-the-day-and-learned-a-lot-from-not-having-Fumiya-around” song. Oh…and he’s a pervert.

Tales – More acoustic Pes! A hit with alot of people.

Zannen Boy – Pes’s duet with Ilmari from FUNFAIR.

Fa-a-ar – Pes’s duet with Ryo-Z from FUNFAIR…very Pes.

Nettaiya – Again, Pes is a pervert and he was imitating a meatspin with his flashlight in the pv. Yesss.

Nagare no Naka de – This was the perfect song to close the FUNFAIR album with because it was sort of a “unifying” song? Good job Pes!

Yes, I know, that was alot. Here comes what you’ve all been waiting for…THE PESSY SPAM!

ready for a boatload of Pessy cuteness?!

Wise has some great pictures of the gang after Dance Floor Massive III ended. Don’t worry, I grabbed the big boy versions before they shrank! He usually has large pictures on his blog, but then they get tiny a couple of hours later. Plus, Wise has taken down some pictures of the boys in the past…which is a total shame, because they were awful cute and hillarious. If you want to see them join the RS5 LJ community. :) It’s in the Verbal picspam entry.

ps….I WIN. I will explain soon. If you’ve been hanging around long enough then you’ll know what I’m talking about.
edit: I was talking about Pes’s teeth, they’re totally straight!

dfm + verbal pics!

As the third Dance Floor Massive comes to a close, there’s definitely a feeling that those of us who can’t/couldn’t go are definitely missing out. After all, it seems to be an every other year thing (2004, 2006, 2008), and they bring out their best during these little lives. Heck, it looks like Teriyaki Boyz are throwing their own little DFMs in February and March called “DO YOU LIKE JAPAN? TOUR”, seeing as how they’re performing at most of the DFM venues.

Wise sneaking a picture of Dance Floor Massive III two weeks ago

Do you know why Dance Floor Massives work so well as opposed to their other tours? It’s because the rooms are small, and, oh, THERE ARE NO CHAIRS. I’m watching the Party People live right now, and the audience is boring and seems bored (even though they really aren’t because it’s RS5 of course). They don’t even move. Well, I’ll give them credit. They sway. Then they wave their arms back and forth because the boys are doing it too. That’s it. Then I see that they can’t move and go crazy because there are thousands of chairs in the way. DFM on the other hand, is one fucking massive dance floor. You don’t go there to watch and observe, but to DANCE. I mean, COME ON, even the people who are in the back tiny upper balcony are dancing! Seriously, I watch the DFM II performance of JOINT and I wanna get off my ass and dance like I’m walking on fire. No lie, I’ve done it before. Dance to it, not walk on fire. lol Hey,Brother and Lovi were cute too. The VIP’S LIVE X’mas Dinner Show was also held at Zepp Tokyo (a DFM venue) and it worked too, but that was sort of an exclusive thing? I think tickets for that were more expensive.

Chairs and a motionless audience during the CHORUS of PARTY PEOPLE
@ 日本武道館, NOT Dance Floor Massive

And then there’s that Checker Flag “music video” that’s a compilation of various performances of the song. The stage is so huge and divided that it gets hard to keep track of the guys. With DFMs, they have a small stage that keeps them rather close with the fans. It lets them do more than just splitting up and running around to give all of the fans a good view. They get to fool around more often and rile the audience up the whole time instead of running around going “WHAT’S UP? HOW YOU DOIN’?” We get to see them act cute more often on a smaller, compacted stage. Big plus.

I know for a fact that Dance Floor Massives are the best. You see, tickets for the gig have been flying all over Yahoo! Auctions Japan. There have been positive testimonies. They look amazing on DVD, and I never get tired of them. A real disappointment for those of us unable to make any of them.

Which comes to the point of this post…how exactly do they satisfy those left outside in the cold? Easy: PUT OUT AN ALL DANCE FLOOR MASSIVE DVD. Nothing but two or even three discs of pure Dance Floor Massive gold, with some behind-the-scenes footage of course. But that’s it. Just nothing but Dance Floor Massive. No choosing their favorites like from the Rough-Cut Five or Cut It Now! dvd, both of which only had a few. I know it’s not as good as being there, but watching it is still fantastic. And besides, it’s not like it’s going to take away from future DFM sales, each one is different and it might even increase sales (not that sales are a problem lol). The limited edition gift could be a towel :*) or something cooler. I love my Cut It Now dvd, but I expected A LOT more than just a measly 108 minutes. I’m interested in that Funfair @ Budokan dvd, but I doubt it’ll have the same impact as a DFM dvd would. I would definitely get my hands on a DANCE FLOOR MASSIVE dvd. Count on it. Just get to it. Please.

There you have it. My advice on how to milk money out of us how to satisfy our RIP SLYME needs. I leave you with Dance Floor Massive II screenshots and some links to DFM videos at Kaito & Ilmari Presents. Sorry if it was tl;dr!

plentiful dfm pics


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