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ETA 2/21: Kinoko commented with a summary of the article!!

My Japanese isn’t the greatest in the world but from what I understand, it sounds like it’s official and that they’re aiming to be married sometime this summer. Apparently they were visiting possible ceremony locations in Paris. :3 Not only were they just in Guam, but it also sounds like they’ll be visiting Burma/Myanmar to do some volunteer work this month. –Kinoko


According to this news source, Ilmari and his girlfriend Yuri Ebihara are supposedly engaged! They came back from Paris last week (even though they went to Guam last month lol wow) and she was sporting a diamond engagement ring on her ring finger at the airport! For pictures check out Kaito & Ilmari Presents (a Japanese fan blog). If this is true then congratulations to the both of them! Btw if anybody can read Japanese and confirm this that would be awesome lol. I know I said this a few months ago, but there was no real confirmation so that’s why I’d like one now. The rock on her finger following a trip to Paris sorta seals the deal for me though. Once again, this is purely speculation, but we’ve kinda got some hard evidence here.

Once English sources pop up (and they will, given Ebi-chan’s popularity and the fact that there are several English articles on them), I’ll update the post with more information and links.

ps hooray for Ilmari being back in Japan! Now go help Fumiya and Pes (at the least) with that demo. :p

Fumiya tweeted this this morning. RIP demo at the recording studio… hopefully they’re cooking something up for us! :D


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