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Go to the Japan store (VERY last option in the country menu), search for ‘rip slyme’ and click on “Sponge Bob no Theme (DMD Single)” to listen to the sample (yess it’s available!). The first verse to me sounds like Ilmari singing with Ryo-Z. The song is rather…slower and “smaller” than your typical RS5 song. I think it sounds fine and even cute.

More Nami

Posted on: April 28, 2009

Nami Miyahara (female vocalist for songs like GALAXY, Hot chocolate, and Supreme) has a new entry about how she’s back in the studio with the boys, doing a chorus again. Oh yeah, and Ilmari and Su are both wearing purple (and they’re blonde!). :p

Ok honestly I just wanted an excuse to post that pic because I thought it was really cute for some reason lol

I have school in half an hour and I’m pretty much blowing off hw to do this but w/e

The official RS5 homepage has been revamped to accommodate the new album! Also, Amazon Japan is selling the limited edition at a lower price than the regular.

Jump for the album cover + possible new track info

Click on the video for widescreen goodness, wordpress doesn’t allow custom players. >:[ This was from last summer. MONGOL800 ain’t there, so stepping in is AP Bank founder Kazutoshi Sakurai of the popular band Mr. Children. He’s a decent substitute. I love Pes’s singing (la laaaiii~~) towards the end as he’s getting the crowd to sing along with them. I also enjoy their big jump at the end. I always confuse the summer concerts (rock in japan fes, ap bank fes, setstock…) because the guys are always wearing the same outfits (every year?) and the settings almost look the same, aside from the signs. Btw, I know you can barely see but I think Ilmari looks good all sweaty with screwed up hair and no hat at the end…but that’s just me. I know, I know.

I downloaded the flv in case it gets taken down jysk, so if it’s gone, I’ll probably put my copy up. I don’t think anybody’s going to be ripping the dvd since alot of it aired on tv I believe.

On yesterday’s Rip Locks, Ryo-Z and Pes confirmed that スポンジ・ボブのテーマ (SpongeBob no Theme) will be on the limited edition of the new album. No surprises here. It will be on the dvd, not the cd.

Yeah…I think I might start mentioning side projects now. I already talk about Teriyaki Boyz every now and then, so why not? But as far as coverage goes I think I’m just going to put up a video or download. I don’t think it’s really necessary to do extensive research unless it’s major or permanent like TB.

With that said, since this blog was made, I’ve overlooked two songs that Pes was featured in: white sonata no.8 featuring PES by SBK, and The Light by Miss Monday. I found out a couple of minutes ago that there’s a song out for Pes’s Optimystik brand called FUTEN × Optimystik:Steppin’ Out feat. K.I.N. (MELLOW YELLOW) & PES (RIP SLYME). I literally had no idea until I saw the video pop up on youtube’s most recent rip slyme videos. Pes is wearing his Twinkle Dolman hoodie again. I really like it :D Anyway, let’s all watch Pes get his dance moves on. Gifs may ensue from this.

eta 4/19: Detailed report of the recording @ mtvjapan. Note the little SpongeBobs in Fumiya’s shirt pockets. Also, NHK教育, the channel that airs the Japanese SpongeBob, is available on Keyhole right now. I hope it’ll stay! The show airs Wednesdays at 19:00 (Japan time). I actually enjoy SpongeBob ok

The episode that RS5 is guest starring in is called “SpongeBob vs The Big One.” I saw it last night (original english obviously), not knowing that it was the episode that their characters would be on. It’s also the episode where Johnny Depp guest stars. The articles on their appearance were NOT kidding about Ilmari and Fumiya. They practically have no lines at all. Actually, Fumiya’s character’s original name is “Silent Stan.” :p They only speak when the whole group has lines together. Go to the official site for a short clip specifically of the five surfers in english. Just click on “instant replay.” Hurry while it lasts!

Basically, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward get caught up in a huge wave and are washed ashore on a random island. Pes and the others greet them, with Pes agreeing to help SpongeBob and Patrick learn how to surf so that they can get back to Bikini Bottom. Pes pretty much speaks the entire time, and if it’s not him, it’s Su. Ryo-Z’s character was coughing whenever he was up. SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward are a lost case for Pes though, so he suggests that they go to some cove to learn from JKL (Johnny Depp), a surfing legend. The gang appears again at the very end, playing music to celebrate SpongeBob’s safe return. They might play original music by the boys in the Japanese version, who knows? It’s rather fitting that Pes is the lead because he loves surfing. His profile on the official RS5 site says that his personal goal is to be able to ride out a 10 foot wave. :D~ Pes’s character’s name was originally Twitch, meaning he has a twitching problem LOL. I hope I can see Pes act it out! It was pretty funny in the original rofl. Not gonna lie, the chances of the Japanese dub making it online are very slim. :<

53 days left until the new album! Well, that’s still kinda alot of time left. Maybe now’s not the right time for a countdown… just know that they’re working on it right now. I think Ryo-Z and Pes are supposed to air RS5’s version of the SpongeBob theme in full on Monday’s Rip Locks…or they’re just going to talk about it. :) Sorry that I didn’t have any actual news. Next time hopefully! PEACE


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