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RIP SLYME wrote this song, but they didn’t provide any vocal work. In any case, enjoy.

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Posted on: July 19, 2010

Alternate link at youku. Looking sharp, boys.

Big fat thank you to jpopsuki for uploading something as “minimal” as this. A short, three track cd was distributed at Tsutaya stores to promote the upcoming greatest hits album, GOOD TIMES. The tracks are a ten minute mix of all of their WMJ singles, and one minute previews of Good Times and SCAR. Public since they’re just previews.

9:48, 13.6mb, m4a format

SCAR (Compact)
1:04, 1.5mb, m4a format

Good Times (Compact)
:59, 1.4mb, m4a format

SCAR and Good Times sound awesome! I’ve got the SCAR preview on repeat lol. So happy with these new tracks they’ve been rolling out!

Oh, and an episode of “Joker: Yurusarezaru Sousakan” was uploaded to youku, so you can catch the ending featuring SCAR. Starts at 56:05. You get a little more out of this than the compact version posted above.

Fumiya made a tweet awhile ago that they were shooting a pv, and it looks like it was for SCAR. According to Space Shower TV, the pv is due out very soon (or perhaps it has already been released?).

So coming up this week, it looks like we’ll be getting Going Over from the SMAP collab, Last Vacation (maybe) with Pes, Ryo-Z, and DJ Hasebe, and the SCAR pv. Sounds pretty good to me, so stick around.

Coming up this summer with RIP SLYME…


    RIP SLYME now has a short, ten minute radio segment on J-WAVE’s Music Plus (M+) program entitled RIP SERVICE. The segment is hosted by two members, with Ryo-Z as the lead, and the other four appearing throughout the week. RIP SERVICE airs Monday through Thursday from 12:20-12:30 JST on J-WAVE radio station. J-WAVE is available on the free broadcasting program Keyholetv. I’ve listened to two segments with Keyhole. Sounds like the boys have a question of the week, then Ilmari, Pes, Su, and Fumiya suggest answers, and listeners vote on whether or not the answers are good. Not completely sure, but that is really what it seems like. Sorry that I can’t be of much help, lol.

TV Appearances

    It’s been quite awhile since we’ve seen a live performance, hasn’t it?

      • Music Station (TWO Shows!)
        • July 30th – SCAR
        • August 6th – Good Times
      • Music Lovers – August 1st
      • MTV Making the Video: RIP SLYME “SCAR” – July 24th, 29th, 30th, Aug. 7th (Hopefully MTV will post this on their site?)

Album Releases & Musical Guest Appearances

    • Song: Going Over
        • Words, composition, and sound production by RIP SLYME. (source)
        • 14th track on the first disc of SMAP’s 19th album, We are SMAP!
        • Album release date: July 21st
        • Album listing @ CDJapan
    • Song: Last Vacation feat. RYO-Z.PES (from RIP SLYME) & JUJU
    • New “best of” album: GOOD TIMES
        • New compilation album to commemorate RIP SLYME’s ten year anniversary with major label Warner Music Japan.
        • Album release date: August 4th
        • New tracks: SCAR, Hoshi ni Negai wo, and Good Times
        • Two discs; 1st is “EARLY TIMES 2001-2007” and 2nd is “MODERN TIMES 2007-2010.”
        • Limited edition includes dvd featuring the music video for Beauty Focus directed by Ilmari, and a special mix music video done by Groovisions.
        • WMJ’s Promotional page for GOOD TIMES
        • Track + limited edition album listings @ CDJapan

Other Collaborations/Promotions

    • RIP SLYME has collaborated with department store Parco. Su did a commercial for them recently, see it on youtube here. Promotional page for the collaboration.
    • The iphone/ipod touch/ipad app “Taiko no Tatsujin” has added an “RS Pack,” which allows you to play with FUNKASTIC, JOINT, Taiyou to Bikini, Rakuen Baby, and SPEED KING (source). “Taiko no Tatsujin” is an app similar to the likes of Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero, but the main instrument is the taiko. Check out videos of gameplay here and here.
    • An exhibition featuring the many goods from RIP SLYME’s past ten years with WMJ was held, and looking at all of those items in photos is so awesome and nostalgic. Check out the pictures at

Notes on Music

    • SCAR is the theme song for the drama “Joker: Yurusarezaru Sousakan.”
    • Good Times is used in a commercial for Sony Ericsson (starts at 0:15). Promotional site, featuring brief clips of the song and a performance.
    • According to Sonpub, he participated on Good Times (the track).

In case you forgot…

    • The single Mata au Hi Made 2010~Tomita Ryuu~ came out June 30th. Watch the pv.
    • Su married Ai Otsuka on June 25th.
    • Ilmari married Yuri Ebihara sometime before May 9th.

Concluding Tidbits

    • Pes is the only single one left lol
    • Ryo-Z’s birthday was July 15th! He is now 36 years old! Happy belated birthday Ryo-Z!
    • Looking at some recent pictures of Su (including this one from Fumiya’s blog), I think he might’ve pulled a Pessy and gotten his teeth straightened/fixed. I need some close ups for confirmation, but I am rather sure of it. Hey, I was right about Pes before there were close ups of his teeth! Okay that’s coming off as creepy now lol

Sorry for putting this off…but in my defense, it took over two hours to write this post up, even though I already had some notes saved lol. Hope this was helpful for everyone. :)

DJ HASEBE – “Last Vacation” feat. RYO-Z & PES (from RIP SLYME) & JUJU

Decent track. Roundup post coming in the next few days, just in case you’ve forgotten anything. This is because I myself completely forgot that RS5 is a guest artist in the upcoming SMAP album lol. Oh and there will be some news too, regarding their new radio show and ipod touch/ipad app, among other things.


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