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Mishidabo of the Lip’s Rhyme Forum was nice enough to tell me what’s going on with Supreme!

“as i recall it will be aviable only as chaku uta full unitl december 10th(cellphones only), then they will release it for PC download… i dont remember where i read that.. i guess i read it on Rockin’ japan magazine the other day in the supermarket but i just checked on my cellphone the donwload sites for cellphone (mu-mo, etc) and they have it as chaku uta full, but just that”

I was thinking that, but I only saw one site with the Supreme ringtone. MYSTERY SOLVED! Thank you so much Mishidabo! By the way, Mishi was the one who withstood the cold in Japan to get us the Supreme rip…hero, much? :D If you haven’t registered at the LR forum, WTF? GTFO OF HERE AND DO IT NOW!

Oh yeah…something I found on musico that’s Supreme-related, for your phone I guess idk. It’s nothing really lol

idk I thought this was interesting. Here’s a list of songs they did at the last Dance Floor Massive III live at Zepp Tokyo on November 22.

1. Today
~ mc talk I think ~
6. love&hate
7. lovi
8. Party People
~ mc spot: RYO-Z ~
10. taiyou to bikini
11. tasogare surround
12. Tales
13. One
~ mc spot: SU ~
14. Medley – zatsunen entertainment, Hot chocolate, BLUE BE-BOP, SPEED KING, Bubble Trouble
~ mc spot: ILMARI ~
16. nettaiya
~ mc spot: PES ~
18. Supreme
19. rakuen baby
21. Dandelion
22. Today
23. Tokyo Classic
24. Mata au Hi Made


lol from looking at the pictures, I knew they played lovi! Yes…a bit sad.
ps DVD plz ^___^

I still don’t see Supreme anywhere. It’s not on itunes, musico,, or any other online music store. I’m starting to think that WMJ has decided to push it back because of Studio Apartment’s Rakuen Baby Remix, released Wednesday (Supreme’s original release date). Either that or I’m totally missing something. DAMMIT!!!! If I’m wrong, TELL US WHAT’S GOING ON! I guess we’ll have to wait for Monday’s RIP LOCKS to see what’s going on…

btw, here’s a little clip of Fumiya and Pes performing the remix. Just click on RIP SLYME vs Studio Apartment. Hardly sounds like Pes, way to distort his voice!! I heard a little more of the remix at Studio Apartment’s site and it’s not so bad, but it could be a little better. I’m listening to some of the other remixes actually and they’re pretty decent, so I still have hope for the Rakuen Baby remix.

(click to enlarge)
(rofl they’re so cuteee)

Here is the article I posted before. It has been translated by the site. Information on DFM III.

RIP SLYME hold the final of the nationwide livehouse tour “DANCE FLOOR MASSIVE III” at Zepp Tokyo on November 22nd.

This day, RIP SLYME opened the stage with “Today” and played up-tempo tune like “Stepper’s Delight”, “SPLASH”, and “JOINT” without a break. And they told to the fan that, “We are glad to see you and have a live with you. I’m wishing this moment would never out,” and the fan had a blast. In the middle of the live, they sang Tokyo Metro CM song “Tales,” and then, at “One”, the entire hall becomes one with large chorus.

And more, at encore, RIP SLYME said that, “Because we arranged to sing this song hastily, we are very nervous but we are really want everyone to listen essentially,” then they unveiled their new song “Supreme” that will be released online on November 26th. The audiences who gathered were enchanted by the grown-up mood winter song themed Christmas time.

In addition, an improbable double-encore happened because of the tour final day. Total 26 songs were performed including “TOKYO CLASSIC” and “Mata Au Hi Made (マタ逢ウ日マデ)”. 2 hours and half long stage capped RIP SLYME’s 21 venue nationwide tour.

Lest of this year, RIP SLYME hold annual Christmas live at Tokyo JCB Hall on December 25th, and on the 31st, they will attend at “COUNTDOWN JAPAN 08/09”. They will take charge of the countdown of the Makuhari venue.


So, Supreme was put together in a rush? Makes sense, seeing as how Nami Miyahara was at the recording two weeks ago…right in the middle of the hectic DFM schedule. Whatever, I love the song.

HOWEVER…although it is the 27th in Japan right now, Supreme is still nowhere to be found. Not on itunes or musico. The only thing significant that shows up on google is a ringtone of the song from Oricon. I guess WMJ hasn’t given the go ahead.

two and half hours long, PERFECT for a dvd. or blu-ray. idc. :)
I can wish, right?

I was looking at Itunes Japan just now to see if they’ve added Supreme yet (nope btw). Instead, I found something else that is being released at the same time on itunes: Rakuen Baby (Studio Apartment Remix) by RIP SLYME vs STUDIO APARTMENT. WMJ is there too. It was right there on the RIP SLYME ITUNES ARTIST PAGE. Um, wow. I mean, from listening to the sample, it kinda has potential, but at the same time it just doesn’t seem right. I have no idea if RS5 re-recorded their voices, but probably not since this has been quiet (unlike the Hotei collab). The remix is very dance-ish…like I said, it has potential, but…maybe I should wait for the full length song before making a verdict. It’s 6:43 minutes long. Yikes.

Listen to the sample of the remix here. Click on the speaker icon.

Oh yeah, I’m pretty sure Fumiya wrote the little jingle for the new Sharp phone. He made an entry about it and it sounds like his style. lol

Sorry for the third post within two hours, but this is pretty post-worthy.

RIP SLYME’S next digital single “STAIRS” will be released on Christmas Eve.


Be sure to check out the source for two pictures from Dance Floor Massive III.

Don’t forget about their GOOD FELLOWS X’mas show (Christmas Day) and Countdown Japan 08/09 (new years eve).

Wise has some great pictures of the gang after Dance Floor Massive III ended. Don’t worry, I grabbed the big boy versions before they shrank! He usually has large pictures on his blog, but then they get tiny a couple of hours later. Plus, Wise has taken down some pictures of the boys in the past…which is a total shame, because they were awful cute and hillarious. If you want to see them join the RS5 LJ community. :) It’s in the Verbal picspam entry.

ps….I WIN. I will explain soon. If you’ve been hanging around long enough then you’ll know what I’m talking about.
edit: I was talking about Pes’s teeth, they’re totally straight!

dfm + verbal pics!