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DJ HASEBE – “Last Vacation” feat. RYO-Z & PES (from RIP SLYME) & JUJU

Decent track. Roundup post coming in the next few days, just in case you’ve forgotten anything. This is because I myself completely forgot that RS5 is a guest artist in the upcoming SMAP album lol. Oh and there will be some news too, regarding their new radio show and ipod touch/ipad app, among other things.

If you haven’t heard it, here’s the music video.

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I found the full music video on I’m loving the song, it’s VERY sexy! Su’s even singing a little bit! :D Her album will be released November 11th. Don’t be afraid to tell me if the video isn’t working. Thanks Karu!!

Ilmari and Kaela Kimura (is she still dating Su? lol) are part of Gap’s 40th Anniversary Music Campaign! Ilmari has done a Gap shoot before, if you don’t remember or haven’t seen, it should turn up in google images. I hate how for this shoot they decided to photoshop his hair to near white. >:( At the link, you can check out the behind the scenes movie. Even though there are some unflattering shots (lol <3 you Ilmari), it's cute watching Ilmari say "yes" to the english speaking stylists/photographers and seeing him interact with Kaela. Because of her relationship with Su, I'm not too surprised that they're friendly and comfortable with each other. Kaela even calls their collaboration "Kaelamari!" hahaha!

Oh, and it just so happens that they did a song together for the campaign! Go and listen to ミラクル☆BANZAI in its entirety. The song repeats itself after finishing. I think it’s a cute song! If you’re wondering, that’s Miracle☆BANZAI, and it’s Kaela Kimura feat. Ilmari. :D I haven’t found the Ya-Kyim song with Pes yet, nor the Orquestra de la Luz mix of Nettaiya. :/ ETA: Check the comments for a download! Thanks Eric!

Side note, Fumiya has said on his blog that he has a cold. :( Hope he feels better! He’s always getting sick.

Yeah…I think I might start mentioning side projects now. I already talk about Teriyaki Boyz every now and then, so why not? But as far as coverage goes I think I’m just going to put up a video or download. I don’t think it’s really necessary to do extensive research unless it’s major or permanent like TB.

With that said, since this blog was made, I’ve overlooked two songs that Pes was featured in: white sonata no.8 featuring PES by SBK, and The Light by Miss Monday. I found out a couple of minutes ago that there’s a song out for Pes’s Optimystik brand called FUTEN × Optimystik:Steppin’ Out feat. K.I.N. (MELLOW YELLOW) & PES (RIP SLYME). I literally had no idea until I saw the video pop up on youtube’s most recent rip slyme videos. Pes is wearing his Twinkle Dolman hoodie again. I really like it :D Anyway, let’s all watch Pes get his dance moves on. Gifs may ensue from this.


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