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A Notice

Posted on: January 24, 2010

Sorry everyone that I haven’t updated. Not only have I been somewhat busy, but no news has been coming out of RS5. Well, Ilmari and his girlfriend Ebi-Chan went to Guam a few weeks ago (source). That’s about all I picked up.

In other matters…this week I’m starting university, meaning that I will be that much busier and it’ll be harder for me to keep up with the group and the blog. I admit I’ve lost some interest because of the lack of news (and cancellation of Rip Locks), but I still care about them. Please feel free to send in submissions about any news or such regarding Rip Slyme. I will credit you. Leave a comment or send an email. If it gets bad enough I might have to give somebody access to the blog and let them update it.

I hope you guys understand. I’d really appreciate the help!

ETA 12/13: So I was testing with camstudio and keyhole some more today and I just so happened to record the audio cm featuring Hoshi ni Negai wo! It’s only 14 seconds long, but at least it’s something! :D Go check it out!

Hey guys. I was just now trying to record a radio rip of J-Wave’s The Clickers show featuring Pes and Su because I figured that they would air Hoshi ni Negai wo, and they did. Unfortunately, Camstudio, the program I use to record stuff off of keyhole, decided to be a dick and wouldn’t let me save the file at all. :( Probably because the clip ran a little long (lol about 40 min). However, Ryo-Z and Pes will be on the Tokio Hot 100 show on the 20th, so I’ll try again then, but seeing as how it’s a countdown (and the show is almost four hours long omg), there is a slim chance that I’ll get it. Don’t worry, I’ll try my best to nab the song; I think I have a way that should definitely work. I’ve heard the song twice on J-Wave (through keyhole), and the song is upbeat and catchy, for those of you who weren’t big fans of Supreme (I loved it but w/e). I remember Pes’s leading chorus: “Get down! Get down! Get down!” :D

Hmm…any other news? Well, they’re participating in a campaign for Parcolabo-can, so we can probably expect a new song! The campaign starts next week and there will be a commercial, so maybe we’ll hear it then. Also, if you’re interested, Su and Ilmari have been posting pictures and little notes on J-Wave’s Winter Campaign page. Let’s also not forget about their two-day Christmas concert coming up, as well as the Countdown Japan 09/10 New Years Eve live.

Here’s hoping I can get Hoshi ni Negai wo! Just cause I haven’t heard news about any kind of official release yet…

Just wanted to let you guys know that over the next few days, this place is turning into download territory. That means a majority of new entries will be locked, and you will only have access to them if you have the password. This is a reminder since I haven’t posted a protected entry in awhile. The password is the same if you already have it. If not, just leave a comment about RS5 and I’ll email you.

Also, I haven’t found the album yet. SORRY. IT WILL BE UP VERY SOON. I’ve also found the Music Station performance they did just a couple of hours ago, and it’s in high-ass quality, so that’ll be up once I’m done downloading and cutting it! It’s on youtube if you can’t wait, hurry before it’s deleted! Consider yourselves to be ridiculously spoiled today. If you haven’t heard any of the songs yet and you don’t wanna wait, here they are on youtube in good quality (except for Watch out! and Hitchhike Girl lol):

1. Intro – You can listen to this on any sample site in its entirety since it’s only 30 secs.
2. Good Day
3. 太陽とビキニ (Taiyou to Bikini)
4. Rock’n’ Roll Radio
5. Do it !
6. Journey
7. love & hate
8. Watch out ! feat. JUNGLIST YOUTHS** (starts at 14:16)
9. Here comes the Hero feat. トータス松本
10. ヒッチハイクガール (Hitchhike Girl)**(starts at 18:44)
13. Beauty Focus

I know it’s not the same as having it on your ipod, but I know some of you don’t care and would rather listen to the music now than later.
**You must be a registered nicovideo user to listen to these.

And finally, here are some interesting screenshots from the behind the scenes of the SpongeBob voiceover on the dvd. lol @ Fumiya and his SpongeBob infatuation. Check out Pessy picking his nose and staying cute on the next page at the bottom.


Posted on: February 20, 2009

Post #2 for today

I’ve learned how to make password-protected posts! Yay! This means I can put up goodies! :) Please comment (email addresses are necessary to comment obviously) with either your favorite RS5 member, song, or album and explain why. It should only be one sentence, ie. “Ryo-Z is my fav cause he’s got great energy.” This is so I know that you’re not a bad guy lol. I will then email you the password.

Do NOT share the password!!! Nothing inside these posts leaves these posts!

If you are part of the RS livejournal community then you probably don’t have to worry about this. You can go ahead and ask though.

So, the original name of this blog was RIP SLYME FIVE I think, because I couldn’t think of anything and I just used that for ha-ha’s. Then, visitors started pouring in, so I just grabbed Five Fishes cause it was the only thing that kept popping in my head. Now, it’s offically RIP SLYME VIBES! Or, it’s abbreviation, RSV. Check it: RSV = RS5! WOW! AMAZING! loljk Ok seriously I did NOT realize that until after I decided to rename it, I’m 100% serious! Oh, the coincidences! The whole vibes thing came from Nettaiya; “P.e.s.s.y’s love vibes.”

By the way, I’m a dumbass. A couple of days ago I was talking about the pics of TERIYAKI BOYZ messing around with money and toy hamburgers, but it was actually for the I still love H.E.R. pv. lol That pv is gold btw, check it out. Also try and watch some of Nigoldeneye because there are some cute clips of Ilmari and Ryo-Z being silly. Wise and Verbal seem pretty awesome too.


Posted on: November 9, 2008

Off topic, but wordpress really needs to hurry up on the comment reply deal!! I have replied to your comments, but since I can’t actually reply to them, I’ve been editing them with my response under yours. No, I didn’t edit anything you said out! Just a heads up. I think the comment-reply thing starts in December? no idea. WAY TO BE BEHIND, WORDPRESS. IT’S 2008 OK.

♥ luv dem ♥
♥ nd fumiya 2 ♥

lol idk

Posted on: October 14, 2008

lol no traffic on the site. That’s what happens when I block google. I might turn it back on :| CONVINCE ME SOMEONE IS READING THIS!!

If you are, here’s a crappy gift I just made:

one of the many reasons why we love RIP SLYME!!!!!