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It was just announced on their website that RIP SLYME IS RELEASING A BRAND NEW ALBUM ON JUNE 10TH CALLED JOURNEY! OMFG YEEEES!!! This is just too good. I’m really glad that we didn’t have to wait until the end of the year for a new album!

Mishidabo has the tracklist; I couldn’t find it anywhere else, but I trust him, because he and are currently the ONLY ones who are reporting this (not even wmj), AND Mishi’s got the goods (since he’s living in Japan right now lol).

HOWEVER, A NEW ALBUM WILL STILL BE RELEASED. has the preorders up for the regular edition, and the limited edition cd+dvd. STAIRS, Taiyou to Bikini, watch out, and love & hate will be on there.

Next time I PROMISE to have a real source instead of word-of-mouth, but please don’t get mad at Mishi, he was playing around and it’s all in good fun! It’s my mistake really….besides, it’s just a fake tracklist. It’s not like he said “oh we’re getting a new album, SIKE”. Besides, Mishi was the one who told me about Tower Records. :) At least we’re getting a new album.

Is Su still dating Kimura Kaela? That’s a really old rumor lol But Wise makes an appearance! Good news for Wise fans! I think this is overdue actually, since Wise is really good friends with them (remember, he goes waaay back with Ilmari and Pes).

MORE NEWS, the boys are in fact supplying original music for Spongebob! Here is yet another article about it. If you don’t feel like looking at it (since it’s all Japanese lol), click the following cut for PICTURES! It’s a good day for RIP SLYME fans. :) Oh, I downloaded this program called KeyholeTV, which allows you to watch various Japanese channels in real time! NHK is in there, so maybe I’ll be able to watch Spongebob…but I have an ap exam that morning :( Maybe they’ll rerun it.

By the Way + Zatsunen Entertainment at the FUNFAIR TOUR, neither made the cut to the dvd.
Bubble Trouble really should’ve been on the dvd :/


RIP SLYME, apparently! They’re going to be doing voiceover work for the Japanese version of Spongebob Squarepants on May 6th! HAHAHA I have no idea why this is so funny. This is incredibly cute though. Su and Pes will keep their names, but Ryo-Z will be “Zeek”, Ilmari will be “Iru”, and Fumiya will be “Fumiratchi.” Ryo-Z wants the most lines next time. Pes has that title right now, while Ilmari has few lines. Su is also really excited about this. The article also mentions something about a new song, but I’m not sure about that. Anyhow, I really hope that there will be a way that we can watch this…

Everyone seems to be talking about it! I wasn’t gonna say anything since no one seemed to care about the Space Shower awards (Taiyou to Bikini was nominated for best conceptual video, whatever that is…they lost), but I obviously wasn’t thinking clearly because it’s the FREAKING VMAs.

Taiyou to Bikini has been nominated for “Best Pop Video 2009”! They’re usually in the hip-hop category, but it makes sense why that video is in pop. They’re up against Ikimono-gakari, Perfume, Lily Allen, and Katy Perry, so it’s going to be a tough battle… tbh I really don’t see what the big deal about that Katy Perry song is. RS5 is going to need your help, so please VOTE VOTE VOTE! Taiyou to Bikini may not have been your typical crazy RS5 video, but it was still great with the choreography, Su moving his ass, and the ending of course! Did anyone notice their hair at the end btw? ROFL. My favorite part of the video is in the beginning when they jump right into the chorus, and they’re all dancing in the background while Pes is singing.
They look so happy and that they’re having a good time without even trying or being forced to. Teriyaki Boyz was also nominated for ZOCK-ON! in the hip-hop category if you want to vote for them too. idk if you have to register an account there for your votes to count lolol. After I made my choices, I came to a page asking me to log in and my reaction was “dammit.” I know, I’m ridiculously unhelpful. If someone could leave a comment to help us out, that’d be really great…don’t worry, we’ll figure it out. Voting ends May 1st, show airs May 30th.

In 2002, RS5 won for “Best New Artist in a Video”. 2003 was even better, as Rakuen Baby won “Best Group Video” AND “Best Video of the Year”, with FUNKASTIC taking “Best Hip-Hop Video”. They won “Best Collaboration” in 2006 for BATTLE FUNKASTIC, and then last year they won “Best Hip-Hop” for I-N-G. Last year they couldn’t be there, so they had some video message. It was just Ryo-Z thanking everyone while Su, Pes, and Ilmari looked bored and Fumiya was missing lol. I was gonna upload it, but it was nothing special.

By the way, I’m done bitching about the official version of Supreme. lol I’ve been listening to it more than the radio rip lately. :D

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T-FM/School of Lock posted their report of the “MY GENERATION” live. It was a little live for the students graduating from a high school in Osaka. They did it a day before Music Station. It will air on m-on! on April 1st. I hope someone uploads it! Here is a little clip of them getting ready. There’s almost 50 pages worth of stuff in the report, and seeing as how there’s a ton of pics with only 1-2 per page, here comes another picspam! Look sorry that there hasn’t been any news lately but Ryo-Z and Ilmari could really use a break ok? Even though it’s probably not gonna happen lol aww.

Songs they did at the live:
-STAIRS (obviously lol)
-Rakuen Baby

I also added four NEW pictures to Fumiya’s b-day post. They’re from his birthday party! :D I put them at the top so that you wouldn’t have to wait to scroll down. :p

Oh and btw, Ellegirl’s doing this thing called Mr.SU’S LOVE CLINIC. Just LOL.

check out the pics!!

Fumiya is finally 30! And by finally, I don’t mean “UGH HE SEEMS SO OLD,” because he doesn’t, I mean that it’s because all of the other guys have been OVER 30 for at least 3 years now. That’s right, the quiet and shy Fumiya Takeuchi, is the youngest one. He got married back in late 2004 I think, so he was 25. I used to worry that he’d have a small fanbase because of his DJ status, but I’m glad I’m wrong. On the FUNFAIR Tour DVD, everybody SCREAMED when they realized he was doing the Nettaiya dance, which was definitely a highlight of the whole thing. My favorite part was when he was secretly recording Ryo-Z talking and then started screwing around with it. Poor Fumiya gets sick often, to the point where he had to take an extended leave from 05-06. :( Let’s hope it won’t happen again, for RIP’s sake and Fumiya’s. :)

Here is an entertaining summary of their first Utaban appearance. Pretty hillarious, poor Fumiya!

Picking out music that reminds me of Fumiya is tough, but I’ve definitely got some in mind that most definitely make me think of him.

Blow – Well obviously, this is Fumiya’s comeback single, and what a track to return on! I’m pretty sure Blow was the song that cemented the fact that I loved RS5 again last summer. I left it on repeat without any prior obsession or “omg I LOVE this song” (which I do), I just had some urge to listen to it again. :p

ELEPHANT – This is because he did this with his BFF Soma, his substitute for when he was sick. :D

Party People (Hosted by VERBAL) – I loved the idea of a samba-esque song, and as VERBAL said, “AND THE NUMBER ONE DJ, DJ FUMIYA!!”

Super Shooter – Fumiya, Pes, and Ryo-Z loved the manga, while Ilmari and Su didn’t know wtf was going on lmao. So I’m thinking Fumiya probably put his all into this song, because it’s for something he loved. AWWW. Super Shooter is probably their most popular song, despite what says. Masterpiece gets all the love because of its appearance on the Babel soundtrack, but there aren’t many youtube vids or alot of hype over it like SS. Oh, and his “solo scratch” on the track is superb.

Rakuen Baby – I feel like RB was their #1 single, not One, because it seemed like everyone went nuts over this song. Good job Fu-chan.

STEPPER’S DELIGHT – Fumiya’s most nostalgic song. He looks like he’s having fun in the PV.

Zatsunen Entertainment – Again, he looks like he’s having fun in the PV. :)

Bubble Trouble – Have you seen Fumiya do this song live? It’s on the FUNFAIR tour dvd. It’s a wonderful sight. He does his little duet with Ryo-Z often apparently. I can’t remember what or when, but I saw a different clip of him doing it again. :D

BATTLE FUNKASTIC – I know, Fumiya didn’t exactly partake in this song, but he loves Hotei, and he did write FUNKASTIC, so it’s must’ve been a huge honor for him to hear that Hotei wanted to work with him. The rest of the guys decide to torture him by taking pictures of the recording and then sending it to him. rofl

GALAXY – I don’t know. This just makes me think of Fumiya more than any of the others. It’s so silly, yet it SCREAMS RS5. lol

Wonderful – Same reason. Probably because the song is very instrumental and stuff. lol

FROG – I really like this and idk why lol

Night Flight – Because it’s part of the comeback.

STAIRS – I’m loving the opening guitar. Guitars in songs make me think of Fumiya, ok? Unless it’s acoustic, then it’s all Pes. ha Btw I updated the ST@MJ post, GO LOOK.

You know what’s coming.


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