Good Day PV!!

Posted on: May 21, 2009

eta 5/28: #3 I don’t think they’re married. They’ve just started dating and happened to visit some marriage shrine. Ebi’s family was present. Uhhh okay. That’s it…for now. If I see there are pics of them at the shrine (supposedly idk) I’ll post a link. Hochi Shimbun article on the situation.

To all the people who searched/googled for ilmari’s love life: ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? Don’t look away, my stats know everything. Just kidding.

Also, this whole debacle proves that I should just quit this blog. But I won’t. :D


#1 yes I heard, rumor (hear that? rumor) has it that Ilmari’s got a new girlfriend, an actress named Yuri Ebihara. Uhh I’ll talk about it when there’s more significant news, I don’t like having entries dedicated to pure gossip. :p If you want you can go speculate at the LF forum, we gossip alot there. :x Let’s just say that he seems to be into narcissistic girls…lol. Sources: one, two, three, the website that’s supposed to report it (which seems a little tabloid-y, idk about japanese gossip mags, but apparently there are pics to back it up.) Tbh I really don’t know what’s going on because Nonami Maho is being brought up too…
Oh yeah, the official homepage has been updated with new bio pics and tour goods.


ETA 5/23: FOUND IT SORRY FOR BEING SO LATE I WAS OUT ALL DAY ty karu and asakasoring for letting me know it’s up!! Now, if only I can find the SpongeBob song…

Higher resolution (not quality!) @ Dailymotion

I just finished watching it and I LOVED it! A LOT better than the STAIRS pv! That ending dance was too awesome. I guess they got the idea that we love their choreography. Loved Su as a reporter. Those exercises that Ilmari and Pes were doing looked alot like the ones in the SNL Digital Short of the Japanese version of The Office LOL. This is most likely the new PV on the JOURNEY dvd.

By the way, according to CDJapan, the limited edition of the album is coming with a 10th RIP Anniversary Passport Book! Now I really want it but I’m flat broke lol :( I thought they figured 2005 to be their 10-year mark (Good Job best-of album anyone?), but that was probably just for the start of the group with just Ryo-G Ryo-Z, Ilmari, Pes, and DJ Shoji & Shige. Fumiya arrived in 1997, with Su following suit a year later. Since they had no album last year, they’re using this year to celebrate the 10th anniversary of all five of them together!

Oh, and I was really wrong about the Countdown Japan 08/09 thing. Their performance of JOINT will NOT be on there. Instead it’ll be a medley of BLUE BE-BOP and SPEED KING, and then Nettaiya and STAIRS.

/end edit

Btw, I feel like Rock’n’Roll Radio is this year’s I-N-G. No idea why lol.
The next entry will be the 100th one! omg! Actually I’ve made more than 100 entries but I deleted alot of them, which were mostly the botched romaji lyrics. :p

idgi either but I love it

Excite’s DFM III Photo Report with HQ pics. You’ve probably already seen this, and you probably haven’t. Whatever.

8 Responses to "Good Day PV!!"

I’m looking forward to see the PV :)
Btw they look ‘interesting’ in the picture xD

they seemed to be serious in the video that I took the pic from too! haaa

Good Day PV
It’s not what I expected, but I like it ^-^

Haha, the dance in the end is funny :)

I sorta expecting something colorful like under the sun and with a dance like nettaiya (I read fans talking about a dance in it lol). Way better than I thought it would be!

thanks for the info!
I like the new pv; I love their outfits in it
and the dances :)

I love their outfits and dances too!

Ohhh, I love it!!
But su shoes… WTF??


I watched a drama named Busu no Hitomi Koishiteru !!
And she was a model that dating with Inagaki Goro (SMAP) !!!
hahah… she is beautiful!!


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