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There’s an extended sample at, and by extended I mean they give us the chorus and first verse. I remember back in the day when they just looped the background rofl. Anyway, according to a blogger that has the song (UGH JEALOUS), Pes and Su don’t get their own verses? :( It would be chorus, Ilmari, chorus, Ryo-Z, then chorus. lol That’s probably why it ended up being a digital single; the song was good enough, but they didn’t really use everyone.

ONE MORE THING. They’re having another X’mas show! “RIP SLYME presents X’mas Live 2008 ~GOOD FELLOWS~” Does this mean more Christmas Classic versions?! and for b-sides??? I HOPE SO I LOVE THEM omg

edit 5/24/09: deleted the lyrics because they were horrendously wrong. lol


So it appears that “love&hate” is actually a digital single. I found it on itunes japan lol. If only I could get my hands on it! The song sounds pretty good. Sample at MUSICO.

School of Lock! has the RIP SLYME report up from the recent Live Tour “YOUNG FLAG.” Some pictures there. Of course, they were last for the day and the tour. :)

Here’s their setlist:
1. Nettaiya
2. Supa Sonic
3. Taiyou to Bikini
4. Tales
5. One
6. Rakuen Baby

Sounds like it was a pretty good live!

And about the teeth post…I think I’m going to hold off on it until I get more evidence. lol One of Verbal’s recent posts has me doubting myself again, but not so much, so yeah.


I was looking at a picture of the Tasogare Surround LP, and even though it was itty-bitty, I made out that Fumiya wrote SPASSO, not Pes as we all thought. Whoops. I always thought the song had a Pes feel to it…probably because it’s cute.

Oh and I found the credits for slowdown from the Hot chocolate single on a picture of the LP…I happen to be listening to the song right now too lmao

2. slowdown
Words by RYO-Z, ILMARI, PES and SU
Composed and Sound Produced by SU
Used sample source performed;
Bass by Tsubasa Nakamura (aile corporation)
Trumpet by Yusuke Nakano
Recorded by Noriki Inada at Digi-Toga
Mixed by Yoshiaki Onishi at Bunkamura Studio

All Sound Mastered by Yuka Koizumi at Orange

I’m not sure about the last line, I don’t know if that says “all sound” or not

And another thing…it would be really great if someone had ripped the LPs so that we could get our hands on the instrumental versions. These include Dandelion, JOINT, BLUE BE-BOP, GALAXY, Tasogare Surround, FUNKASTIC, One, and Hey,Brother. I think they stopped selling LPs after Hot chocolate. :( Hot chocolate, STEPPER’S DELIGHT, and Rakuen Baby got LPs, but no instrumental versions to accompany them. oh well. But damn, it would be awesome to hear those instrumentals. I sometimes plug my headphones only halfway into my ipod jack so that I could hear “instrumental versions.” Fake, but as close as I can get!

this blog is now search engine friendly. lol that lasted 2 days

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Posted on: October 14, 2008

lol no traffic on the site. That’s what happens when I block google. I might turn it back on :| CONVINCE ME SOMEONE IS READING THIS!!

If you are, here’s a crappy gift I just made:

one of the many reasons why we love RIP SLYME!!!!!

On the October 10, 2004 episode of Music Station (wow…exactly four years ago, how coincidental lol I DID NOT PLAN THIS, I just decided to do it), RIP SLYME was a guest to perform Tasogare Surround. Prior to the show, each member was asked for their favorite love song, and a short clip of the songs would be aired during the broadcast. Here are the songs, each full length clip the same as the ones shown on Music Station (except Su and Fumiya’s…sorry!).

J-WALK – 何も言えなくて…夏, (Nanimo ie Nakute…Natsu) / (Released Jul. 1991)

久保田利伸 (Toshinobu Kubota) – MISSING / (Released Oct. 1989)

Original Love – 接吻 kiss (Seppun kiss) / (Released Sept. 1993)

THE BOOM – 星のラブレター (Hoshi no Love Letter) / (Released Sept. 1989)

RED WARRIORS – バラとワイン (Bara to Wain) / (Released May 1987)

They’re all pretty good songs; save for Su and Ilmari (theirs are my favorite actually), they aren’t really ballad-like, but they’re pretty catchy.

edit (2/15/09): fixed su’s choice.


So…in the near future, meaning probably in the next couple of days, I might make a creepy post about Pes’s teeth…and how he possibly had them straightened?! It’s something that I’ve noticed for a few weeks now, but I had my doubts because the recent pictures were never really up close, except for that one picture on Wise’s blog, but he looks unrecognizable in that one anyhow (seriously, if it wasn’t for the “Pessy” caption/Pes mention, I would’ve never thought it was him, but it is his hat). However, I just saw a clip of them speaking in a booth at the rockin’on ROCK IN JAPAN FES.2008 and they did a close up on Pes and he smiled…which brought up the subject to me again. His teeth look pretty damn straight. Well, since I’m not making the actual post about it now, I might as well stop here. Just stay put in the next week! I’ll try to support my claims with pictures…and feel free to have any rebuttals to prove that I’m just a delusional fangirl. ha.

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Here is a 15 second preview of their new song “love&hate” in a commericial for ONWARD or whatever. Pes is really the only person you can hear. It’s jazzy!


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