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Posted on: August 14, 2010

For those of you who haven’t seen them…watch them quick before they’re deleted.

Sorry. I noticed that the vids weren’t appearing when I posted them, but I was hoping they’d fix themselves. Guess not.

Good Times @ MSta

RIP SLYME will appear on HEY!HEY!HEY! Music Champs on the 16th. =)


Whoa. I seriously can’t believe that RSV is now officially two years old and STILL running. Honestly though, as much as I love RIP SLYME, I probably would’ve stopped updating the blog a really long time ago if it weren’t for your awesome comments and support! Thank you all SO much for continuing to support RIP SLYME as well as RSV! This blog would NEVER have gotten this far without you all.

As a gift, I made that little tumblr that I was talking about. Feast your eyes on Good Focus! Right now there are new shots of the boys from a photoshoot they did with excite. Get to liking, following, reblogging, or whatever else you do on tumblr. High res versions of photos are available. Submissions are welcome as well, just be sure to follow the guidelines.

PS: @ripslymetv revealed that one of the songs RS5 will be doing is Remember with MONGOL800 as guests on Bokura no Ongaku. :)

ETA 8/12: This video was at the beginning of the ustream broadcast, when there were technical difficulties. Obviously there is no sound, so Ryo-Z was communicating to us with a notebook. According to keys, he says “no sound now…the show will begin now…bye bye!”

Biiiig post coming right up! First off, BIG thanks to keys for telling me that AMAZING youtube user ripessy has uploaded the Beauty Focus music video directed by Ilmari! It reminds me of the new Mata au Hi Made music video. Lots of cute candid photos.

ripessy has also uploaded most of the stuff from the GOOD TIMES TV Ustream broadcast! You HAVE to check out his channel. There’s no point in me posting the videos here that I want to show you because then I’d practically be posting his whole entire youtube channel. GO CHECK IT OUT. From the broadcast, it includes:

    • GOOD VIBES TV – A segment where the guys were trying out new products (toys, tea flavored ramune, etc.) and looking at the Ustream chat box. They get a little playful here, specifically Fumiya and Pes. At one point, Ryo-Z mentions “tatarigami” from Princess Mononoke and Pes laughs and replies with “Ashitaka daisuki desu~!” hahahaha.
    • Su & Fumiya x Taiko no Tatsujin – Fumiya and Su went to this event and competed against each other in the Apple app Taiko no Tatsujin, featuring RS5 songs. Highlight is when Su starts nudging Fumiya while he’s playing and Fumiya finally gets up and shoves him! LOL and then Su does his trademark laugh! I actually laughed out loud when Fumiya pushed him hahah.
    • Several live performances that were aired, including some from the LIVE ON JOURNEY TOUR 2009/Dance Floor Massive III (TIME TO GO, Dandelion, Nettaiya, Taiyou to Bikini (man I can’t remember what song the band is sampling!), love & hate, Good Day (seen it tho, SPEED KING) for those who haven’t seen the Quick Cut dvd yet (I know I haven’t :( ). Don’t miss Ilmari, Pes, and Su briefly spanking each other in love & hate. Speaking of Dance Floor Massive, no DFM IV this year? :'(
    • Ryo-Z making his own Twitter account and his first tweet (Pes: “Let’s…Tweet!”) with the help of Ilmari and Pes! It took them a REALLY long time to do it LOL. It’s fun to watch though because they get really excited a couple times and start yelling “YEEEEAAAHHH!!!!!” Also I saw myself (my twitter userpic) on Ryo-Z’s monitor/projection screen a couple times ha.
    • Their appearance on 笑っていいとも! (oh, this has been deleted.) I’m not quite sure if they actually broadcasted that on Ustream, but I think there might’ve been backstage footage? I missed the first 45 minutes lol.

Also uploaded was RS5’s visit to their memorabilia exhibit, and their week-long Ontama segments. The ontama segments were deleted though, which is too bad because it was pretty funny. In one segment, they had to sing a song, making up lyrics as they went along, and the lyrics had to be what they were doing each day of the week (“On Monday (or something else), I was playing Uno…(that’s what Pes said lol)…On ___day (I can’t remember lol) I was drinking beer (Ryo-Z’s answer)”). After one of Su’s answers, Ilmari laughed and told him to shut up I think lmao.

Oh! How could I have forgotten? They were on Music Station again! They did Good Times! Some of the camera effects were really annoying to be honest. I’ve noticed that striking a pose has become their new thing now. They’ve done it before, but they’ve do it in almost all of their recent appearances and I love it. I have it (in HD/mpeg2), but it’s not on youtube right now. I enjoyed the Ustream performance at their release party more because Pes was getting a little crazy hahahaha. Also Su was yelling “shut the FUCK up!!” I’m pretty sure Pes was tipsy or a little drunk because while Fumiya was being interviewed, Pes crashed it and was acting a little wacky to the point where Fumiya had to “contain” him lmfao. Good Times is one of those songs that are WAY better live than the studio recording. I was so used to hearing the live performances of it that when I finally got a hold of the studio recording, I was a little disappointed lmfao. It’s still a great song though, and I enjoy the lives of it a lot.

Other things from the broadcast:

    • Ilmari had to answer 100 questions within a time limit. He was getting a lot of laughs from the behind the scenes staff. Pretty sure this was pretaped because the twitter segment with Ryo-Z was shortly afterwards and he was wearing different clothing. Anyway, Ilmari ran out of time after 94 questions and I think he had to eat some nasty tasting sushi. His reaction was pretty funny. He toughed it out though! I was waiting for him to spit it out or throw up. I think he might’ve spit it out cause he got up from the camera and left very briefly.
    • Su and Fumiya talking in the van on their way to the Taiko no Tatsujin event. This was hard to watch because it was lagging since they were driving.
    • Su and Fumiya were pretending to be a couple in school uniforms. Su was the girl of course, with a skirt and wig. They were walking around town, playing games, flirting, getting into a “fight” at the park, fondling each other (Fumiya kept looking and lifting up Su’s skirt, and when Su undid his shirt Fumiya was touching his nipples bahahaha), among other things. It was pretty funny at first, but after awhile it was running a little too long for me; it was an hour long, if not more.
    • The music videos and performances were more like commercial breaks/standbys for the next live broadcast. They didn’t last very long, which surprised me, because I expected the broadcast to be all old stuff with brief pretaped appearances by the boys. It was the COMPLETE opposite of that. The majority of the broadcast was brand new stuff that was LIVE. For ten hours straight. Crazy!
    • The surprise ending to the broadcast was their release party. It was really boring until the boys showed up, did some chatting with DJ Chigusa, and then performed Good Times and the adidas remix of Good Day. They then all got together to say goodbye to everyone watching on Ustream. :) Here are the performances on youtube: part 1, part 2. PLEASE watch (or listen) to Pes in Good Times! His “SOUND…sound…” in the beginning KILLS me, as well as his short screams a little later on. Told you he’s probably a little drunk haha.

If you’re interested, weeks worth of RIP SERVICE recordings have been uploaded to youtube by this user.

Remember Bokura no Ongaku? The program responsible for the AMAZING performances of Tales and Rakuen Baby (as well as Ilmari’s collaboration with Salyu, VALON?) Well I was looking at their website trying to see if I missed a performance or if they had one coming up, but didn’t see anything. The next day I looked at this fanblog and realized that they were coming back on the show on the 20th! YES!!! I am SO so so excited for this! Expect to hear completely different yet AWESOME arrangements of RS5 songs!

Hmmm I’m thinking of making an RS5 tumblr, just for photos and some videos, since posting every single one I find here sometimes overshadows the news. Maybe, not quite sure yet. Well, that’s it for now. Enjoy all of the videos (especially those of you who missed the Ustream broadcast)! I know I did!

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lol there was an hour long delay and then I missed the first 47 minutes because I had adblocked ustream without even realizing it…wtf. Anyway, it is currently live and will run for ten hours, until 9pm JST. Watch it at the Ustream channel instead of the WMG page, since it’s getting too much traffic and becoming laggy. You should definitely check this out (if for some reason you haven’t been convinced yet) because the throwbacks in this are incredible, and I’ve just been watching the old pvs! I’m tweeting away in the live chat thing so you should join!

ETA: New twitter accounts!
Su @sussicaalba
Ilmari @ilmari_rire
Ryo-Z @ryoujinarita



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