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eta 8/31: MTV vibrations added a short clip of the boys talking. LOL at Su and the microphones! Watch it here by clicking on “RIP SLYME” in the first set.

eta 9/19: video fixed, now working

Oh look, it’s something moderately new! FUNKASTIC with the Journey All Stars from the Rock in Japan Festival 09. You guys have GOT to watch this, there’s a hint of Thriller here, in the music AND their dance moves! TOO AWESOME! Check it out before it gets taken down like JOINT was.

Anyhow, I actually like Sailaway (YA-KYIM song featuring Pes) a lot more than I thought I did. I can’t stop listening to it; it’s been on repeat for awhile! I’m really loving Pes in it, especially when he goes “hey!” in the background. So, I looked into it some more a few days ago. GOO and Tsutaya are saying that Pes wrote the words and music for Sailaway. Not sure how reliable the two are, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true. :)

If you’re wondering about the recent news updates on the RS5 hp, one is about an art exhibit of Matsuya Ginza that includes the characatures of the boys from the FIVE/Good Job eras. The other is just saying that RSF will be open for registration again, but for a limited time only…Japan residents only. :(

Sorry about the fact that there haven’t been many updates lately. I haven’t really heard any news, except for a video of Ilmari and Kaela Kimura talking to the press about the Gap anniversary campaign and their collaboration. Of course, the reporters start bugging Ilmari about Ebi-chan as he’s leaving. :p Oh, and if you saw that poster for Wise’s Love Quest release tour 9/12, Ryozee-Jeff is Ryo-Z.

Oh wait, there’s actually more! If you go to the Warner RS5 site (in the navigation to your right), there’s a small picture of the boys at a campfire. Either that’s a magazine shoot or something to do with Quick Cut. I’m hoping for the latter.

and now, please jump the cut for some pics from MTV Vibrations 09…

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Ilmari and Kaela Kimura (is she still dating Su? lol) are part of Gap’s 40th Anniversary Music Campaign! Ilmari has done a Gap shoot before, if you don’t remember or haven’t seen, it should turn up in google images. I hate how for this shoot they decided to photoshop his hair to near white. >:( At the link, you can check out the behind the scenes movie. Even though there are some unflattering shots (lol <3 you Ilmari), it's cute watching Ilmari say "yes" to the english speaking stylists/photographers and seeing him interact with Kaela. Because of her relationship with Su, I'm not too surprised that they're friendly and comfortable with each other. Kaela even calls their collaboration "Kaelamari!" hahaha!

Oh, and it just so happens that they did a song together for the campaign! Go and listen to ミラクル☆BANZAI in its entirety. The song repeats itself after finishing. I think it’s a cute song! If you’re wondering, that’s Miracle☆BANZAI, and it’s Kaela Kimura feat. Ilmari. :D I haven’t found the Ya-Kyim song with Pes yet, nor the Orquestra de la Luz mix of Nettaiya. :/ ETA: Check the comments for a download! Thanks Eric!

Side note, Fumiya has said on his blog that he has a cold. :( Hope he feels better! He’s always getting sick.

Verdict? I expected something better lol. Well, it’s the content that counts, not the cover. ;)

The Bubble Trouble and JOINT performances from the last Funfair tour were taken off of nicovideo. :( However, someone did manage to upload Zatsunen Entertainment from the tour, including Ilmari’s beatboxing and a little of By the Way. I feel a need to post these since these performances were omitted from the dvd. :p There’s also the Phantom live from 2001 if you’re interested.

A few days ago, RS5 performed at MTV Vibrations ’09 and J-Wave Live 2000+9. Setlist and very few pics are at the links if you wanna check them out. Flannels seem to be this year’s summer uniform for them. :p Both lives will be airing on tv very soon. Also, the RS5 HP tells us to tune into Fuji TV Wednesday at 23:00 Japan time. It might be another talk show or something, so if you wanna see it make sure you have Keyhole tv. It’ll probably be uploaded to youtube though.

Don’t forget, Pes’s collaboration with Ya-Kyim comes out on Wednesday! There’s already a preview (track 7) available on WMJ, but I don’t hear any Pessy in the sample.

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ETA: JOINT from 08/09 Countdown Japan in its entirety! I’ve never seen the whole thing before. Isn’t Pes’s “waiii! wai!” so cute?! <3 And isn’t it weird how Su’s voice was high after the new year and then he got low again to finish the song? loll

You know, the guy who wrote EVOLUTION and sometimes dj's at clubs?

(from yahoo magazine)

It’s Su! :) susu backwards?

Rip Slyme had one of those surprise lives last Monday for Fuji tv’s Mezamashi Live (United States of Odaiba?). Two people uploaded clips from the program on youtube, but the first was taken down by fuji, and I guess the other caught wind of it so he just made it private. It was of the guys talking to the morning news reporters while eating breakfast, and then the camera panned over to Su sleeping in a sleeping bag LOL. He shaved all of his hair off btw. They also showed a five second clip from the Journey tour. The next morning they aired small bits from the live and spoke with the guys backstage. Flannels seem to be in, hahah. Also, DJ Soma was there! Despite the heavy rain, it was reported that 3,000 people showed up! So proud of my boys! :’) Sorry I couldn’t show it to you guys :( However, the concert will air in its entirety a month from now, so you might see it anyway, or someone will upload it again soon. I think you can live with a few pictures from the event? ;) Just drag the pics to your url bar or whatever to see them bigger.

I found a seven year old documentary on the boys on tudou. It follows them on their international tours. Actually, a better description of the doc can be found at an old but great RS5 blog.

Oh, uh, I just realized it’s WAY after midnight here lol. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RSV! This blog has been up and running for one year! Can you believe it?! I can’t believe it. I can’t believe that I stuck with something this long LOL. Originally and temporarily named RIP SLYME FIVE, this thing really just started out as the worst attempt at romanizing RS5 lyrics, but then it grew into what it is now because I needed to find an outlet to babble about how talented and adorable the boys are. <3 I also wanted to share with everyone all the good stuff I could find on RS5 because I didn’t wanna hog it all to myself! Stay tuned later today (feels like tomorrow to me heh) for a surprise for Rip-aholics!

A small clip of JOINT at last weekend’s Rock in Japan Festival. It’s only a little bit, but you get a peek at how they sound with the Journey All Stars (the backing band they toured with), and JOINT with a saxophone? Wow. :D JOINT is pretty much the last song I’d ever expect to hear with a band like that, and it sounds really great. I wish they’d release a Journey Tour dvd, I would love to hear how every song sounded with the JAS.

Oh, referring to Quick Cut, I think the offshot is the behind the scenes of a music video. Also, an artist designed two mouse pads for the limited edition of the dvd, what the buyer gets is a random selection.

Excite has posted their report of the Journey Tour at Budokan with more pictures. Alot of articles seem to be mentioning something Pes said about couples meeting/getting married at the Funfair tour. hmmm. I don’t really understand it. Also, of course Ryo-Z did a Michael Jackson tribute during the tour, probably a little dance, and Fumiya added a little bit of Thriller into FUNKASTIC.

That’s it for now. Expect a little something on Wednesday. ;) No, really. I’ll stick to it this time.


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