100th Entry! Two New Songs?!

Posted on: May 29, 2009

eta: I locked comments on this post because only this entry attracted spam everyday and it was really annoying to check and delete them.

Wow. I’m really fucking late on this one. I didn’t find it earlier because I had been searching for “rip slyme” instead of “rip locks.” Since they aired TWO new songs from the new album, our nicovideo hero decided to upload the entire episode instead of cutting them up. Enjoy the May 25th episode of RIP LOCKS! with Ryo-Z and Ilmari.

The first song is Good Day, which we’ve all already heard.
The second and first new song is Journey, which starts at 9:57.
The third and second new song is Watch out! (feat. JUNGLIST YOUTHS), starting at 14:16.


…I’m listening to Journey right now, and let me just say something. For the past few weeks, I was really worried that they were going to turn to the auto-tuner. And they did. Blargh. Actually, it sounds really cute. Nevermind! :) I don’t think it’s necessary though because I think Ilmari’s singing voice is fine, but whatever, it’s not overdone. I love this song! I’m listening to it for the first time as I’m typing this ok! Now fast forwarding to Watch out!….I like this one too! It’s really fun! This album is REALLY promising! The only negatives are that there are two b-sides (only one allowed!) and the album seems short in terms of time length (most of the songs are between 3-4 min), but other than that, everything is great! SO excited! I’m glad our centennial entry was a good one! Happy 100th RSV! ♥

For all the Ilmari gossip, just look at all the ridiculous edits right below this entry (in case you had an rss feed and didn’t know :p). If I find new info I might edit this entry…ugh, I’m so disorganized.
ETA: The magazine’s page about Ilmari and Yuri. Better pictures over here. Both are wearing black hats. Judging from all the reports and reactions, this is kind of a big deal and a shocker. Mostly because Ilmari just got out of a five year relationship [with Nonami Maho] that seemed to be escalating towards marriage. Arg. WRONG, THIS IS A BIG DEAL BECAUSE APPARENTLY “EBI-CHAN” IS REALLY FUCKING FAMOUS. =P Tokyograph’s article on it.

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Ouu.. Thanks.

I really like both of the new songs, but I like Journey better than Watch Out! :D

and btw I love gossip ’bout personal life of famous people :p

I agree about Journey! It’s been stuck in my head all morning! :D It reminds me of nagare no naka de. ngl I love gossip too. :p

thanks for the info! I love the songs, this album is going to be really good! :D

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