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Fumiya’s introduction (from RIP LOCKS!):


After the 2nd listen, because you know, you don’t really absorb everything from the 1st, I definitely like the song. I’m not sure if it’ll be a hit with everyone, but whatever, I like it. It really is reminiscent of One.

Of course, now I want more. :(

edit: Remember when I saw a potential collaboration? I think that big chorus might’ve been it and I sorta hear Wise’s voice. THIS IS PURE SPECULATION THOUGH SO DON’T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT.

edit #2: Replaced with full length song (it was originally the radio rip from rip locks). lol All this within an hour.

Rakuen Baby (STUDIO APARTMENT Remix)

In other news, is supposed to open on the 1st. Also, Fumiya gets super cold inside the radio studio during RIP LOCKS!

HAHA they look like twins!

According to their official site, RS5 is putting out another new song for a Pringles commercial! I think it starts airing on February 1st. It also said to “watch out.” I was wondering why Ilmari was talking about Pringles on the TB blog. Keep an eye on It’s not open yet, but it should be near the end of this month.

My boy Ilmari with a can of Pringles

There is a preview of STAIRS at the RIP SLYME OFFICIAL HP! Well, it’s actually just a background loop. RSHP used to do this before. :p Sorry to burst your bubble!

Two posts in one day?! Didn’t I just say things are really slow right now? Here is a clip from the recent New Years Eve COUNTDOWN JP 08/09 live, with the performance of JOINT! I haven’t watched it yet, I ran here first to post it lol HQ at the main page.

edit: This is a MUST WATCH! Right when Su goes “STOP,” THEY START COUNTING IN THE NEW YEAR!

edit 2:ok he took it down. It’s back up! I seriously think I’m going to start downloading the videos, convert them to avi, and then just share them. Only if you’re all up for it though, I don’t feel like risking this blog/myself for nothing lol

edit 3: so I was just wondering if TB was gonna be on Music Station anytime soon. I look on the website, and look at that…they’re performing on Friday.

RS5 HP (expect a revamp?) & WMJ just added the covers. =) Do I really have to say click to enlarge again?


(First press limited edition)

(Regular edition)

2. love&hate (ONWARD「23区」CM)
3. Supreme

2009.02.25 release

Can’t wait!!!

It’s been really slow lately. TB has been prepping for their new album and US debut. They started a blog recently, which Ryo-Z and Ilmari both use. Ryo-Z was talking about cows (a TB motif), and Ilmari has been talking about how the blog has finally started and a strawberry. The blog is updated quite often, so I suggest you visit it if you love TB, or if you’re a diehard RI fan.

Any other news? Well…Ilmari dyed his hair blonde again at Abbey’s (a nice hair salon apparently). Nothing else too significant…I wonder when they’re going to shoot the STAIRS pv?

I know it’s been super slow lately, so here is an old gift I had for the RS5 LJ community: The Taiyou to Bikini performance on MS, performed on Aug. 1, 2008. edit: find it somewhere else. ;)

ps I suggest anyone who leaves a comment to subscribe to it! Some new feature wordpress made. You’ll be notified by email of any replies, instead of having to come back to the post to check! :)


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