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ETA: Tinypic just announced that images hosted on their site will be unavailable to international viewers. That means all 500+ pics that I’ve uploaded on tinypic and posted to RSV won’t be seen if you live outside of the US, Canada, Australia, or the UK. :( It’s pretty frustrating for me because tinypic was always great to me, and I’m pretty sure RSV has many international readers. It’s WAY too impractical for me to go through every entry, resave every photo, upload all of them to photobucket/elsewhere, and then do a search-and-replace. All I can really do is start uploading future pictures elsewhere. This may be an opportunity to start migrating many of the photos to the Good Focus tumblr. Tinypic, YOU FUCKED UP BIG TIME.

Hi, I’m still here. Slow news, I’m back at school, and just overall laziness.

Ai Otsuka announced that she is pregnant! Su has mentioned this on his twitter as well, so congratulations to the both of them! I believe she’s three months pregnant. She announced it at one of her concerts two weeks ago. The baby is due in April. (source)

Among other personal news, Ilmari and Ebi-chan had a wedding party consisting of 200 guests recently. One special guest performance (I can’t remember who lol) made her cry. (source, thanks NanSan)

I’m sure there is something else I’m forgetting…but I can’t think of it right now. Sorry guys. Keep checking the RIP SERVICE blog for daily updates from RS5’s radio show. Also, don’t forget to look at RSV’s Good Focus tumblr and submit! I know it’s not updated too often, BUT NanSan just submitted some AWESOME new magazine scans, so please go look at them! :)


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