Looks great! Around 1:57 is Ryo-Z mouthing to no vocals on purpose or is it an editing mistake? lol

And here is the Hoshi ni Negai wo pv. Sound off in the comments! Also PLEASE follow RSV’s twitter counterpart, it’s so much easier to update there and I went overboard last night because yesterday was a huge day of updates. Speaking of which, go listen to samples of the new album at RIP SLYME SPACE TRIP. The profiles at the official RS5 hp have been updated as well.

Looks nice!

Introducing the RIP SLYME VIBES TWITTER!!! I am ALWAYS tweeting and I do keep up with RS5, so I’ll send the little stuff that isn’t really post worthy there. Also, if I’m really busy where I can’t update RSV (it takes at least an hour to update this blog, lol), I’ll be tweeting big news there too. Please follow for all of your RIP SLYME needs :)

The youtube vid to Sense of Wonder is down, and the audio from the nicovideo vid as been taken down. :( BUT DON’T FRET I JUST FOUND AN ALTERNATIVE HERE! :)

1:The Beat Goes On
2:Don’t Panic
3:Pop Up なう (Pop Up nau?)
4:センス・オブ・ワンダー (Sense of Wonder)
5:フォーチュン・クッキー (Fortune Cookie)
8:甘い生活~La dolce vita~ (Amai Seikatsu)
9:Clap Your Hands
11:Under the Skin

Limited edition will have two 3d cards. The album is due out March 2nd. More details to follow.

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RIP SLYME’s 9th studio album STAR will be released March 2nd, 2011. No word yet on track listing or a special limited edition/first pressing goods. Coinciding with the album will be a large tour that will last from April to mid July. If you’re interested in the tour schedule, you can find it at their official homepage to your right navigation. At their SWEET X’MAS LIVE, Ryo-Z remarked that while they will continue to have guest artists on the album, they will be focusing on having songs between just the five of them.

“The five of us are each points on a star. That is the meaning behind the title.” -Ryo-Z (source)

Speaking of the Christmas live, here is the setlist:

1. Supreme
5. Rakuen Baby
7. Good Times
8. Minute Maid
9. Tasogare Surround
10. Niji
11. One (CHRISTMAS CLASSIC version)
12. Journey
13. Hoshi ni Negai wo
14. Watch out!
15. Medley (By the Way – DISCO-MMUNICATION – FRESH – Tonight – Supa Sonic)
16. Good Day (adidas remix)
17. Wonderful
1. Zatsunen Entertainment
3. Present
Second Encore – Mata au Hi Made (2010 Tomita Ryuu mix)

RIP SLYME themed-rings were given at the live. Thanks to Nan-San (my hero omg), here is a link to an auction of the ring.

RIP SERVICE, RS5’s daily radio show, ended on December 31st.

Ryo-Z did a song with artist Sowelu entitled “Mannerism.” You can listen to it here (oh hey an unprotected freebie).

I’m currently trying to grab RS5’s appearance on 100 Years Music Festival that aired on WOWOW at the end of November. It’s a large file so it’ll take awhile, but I’ll try my best to cut RS5 and get it to you all before Friday. At this event (held 10/31/10, aired 11/27/10), they performed Good Times and Nettaiya.

Hopefully things will pick up next month with the release of STAR arriving. As an apology for the extreme lack of updates and delays, here is a recent picture of Ilmari in need of some serious grooming: