Good Times PV (2D)

Posted on: November 8, 2010

Hey, here’s the pv for Good Times. 3D version will be included in BAD TIMES. I will update this post with more news tomorrow…or at least before the end of this week! I’m SUPER busy this week but I’ll do my best! Btw the BAD TIMES website has been updated. Oh and they’re doing a Christmas concert of course. There’s also a preview of the Good Times remix on MORE LATER, ENJOY THE PV!!

5 Responses to "Good Times PV (2D)"

Haiya~!!!! XDD~ sangkyu Tina ^^!

Great Style…..i love RIP SLYME…..thank you so VERY MUCH to you tina….keep up The TERRIFIC JOB

aw I actually think I’ve been slacking hard lately cause of school but thanks! I’ll do my best lol

Looking Forward to that tina you rock!!!

and with HQ (640×480) is already up at jps~

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