Two years?! No way.

Posted on: August 12, 2010


Whoa. I seriously can’t believe that RSV is now officially two years old and STILL running. Honestly though, as much as I love RIP SLYME, I probably would’ve stopped updating the blog a really long time ago if it weren’t for your awesome comments and support! Thank you all SO much for continuing to support RIP SLYME as well as RSV! This blog would NEVER have gotten this far without you all.

As a gift, I made that little tumblr that I was talking about. Feast your eyes on Good Focus! Right now there are new shots of the boys from a photoshoot they did with excite. Get to liking, following, reblogging, or whatever else you do on tumblr. High res versions of photos are available. Submissions are welcome as well, just be sure to follow the guidelines.

PS: @ripslymetv revealed that one of the songs RS5 will be doing is Remember with MONGOL800 as guests on Bokura no Ongaku. :)

13 Responses to "Two years?! No way."

WoW 2 years! Omedetto!
I just newbie in here! even I love Rip Slyme since 2004!
And so HEAVEN when I found this site (a same time when Ripslymetv airing with GOOD TIMES release!!) Thx GOD!!

Good Focus tumblr OEMJI! xemqpwjdxqwpoexm

eniwei nani kore?!!
want it!!

oh it’s a drawing for that little thing (not sure if anything is really special about it besides rs5 being on it) and an autographed polaroid, 3 winners, japan only :p

aww thanks! I loved them since 2004 too but I lost interest when they took that loooong break cause fumiya got sick lol then I rediscovered my love in 2008 thanks to my ipod

Yes they had disappeared, I really hard to find info bout them in here, even a person love them (fans from them ,so sad..) and then I have not joined in LJ..
only watch jpm… and not exist anymore that thread =3=
so I ever confused where is Fumiya…
but I’m glad they still ok until now!

hix japan only and deadline 2010.08.15 TT^TT

yeah the lj comm never gets updated anymore lol it was a little more active around 2004-2006

Thank you so much for all that you do! I’ve been a fan for them for almost three years, and you’re my go-to for RS5 information!

Is touch of me RSV is 2 years
could I say:Happy birthday RSV?XD
I always hate myself I’m too late to love RS5(I know have RS5 is in this year is because ai otsuka & su had sing the aisu x time together so i can know RS5 is too late right? )but RS5 give me the feel is so diffrant
other star who is my love can’t give me the same feeling just RS5 can give me this amazing feeling I can’t express it but I hope I can keep this feeling forever.I always worry that one day RS5 will dissolve about some reason…I hope this is my cranky mind…
RSV is awesome too!other fan page haven’t keep follow the RS5 any more but RSV isn’t so when i found this webste I ‘m so happy ;D so I very love this place^^
p.s.I have many photo can upload to the GODD FOCUS yeah;D
p.s.sorry my english is very bad;(

aww it’s never to late to love them! I worry about their end too, but you know what? they’ve been best friends for 20+ years and they’re still close, so even when they stop making music, they’ll probably always be together. and yay please do submit to good focus! I already accepted the submission you sent me :) and don’t worry about your english, I get it a lot from readers so you’re not the only one here whose native tongue isn’t english.

I made a pic to “celebrate it”XD

OMFG KEYS!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I can’t thank you enough! That looks awesome! I’m gonna have to get some photoshop lessons from you omg. Thanks for being such a sweetie and a huge help! ♥

haha you’re welcomeXD this pic is not very good for meself but i’ll keep to make it;D

Happy Birthday 8) haha.
And keep blogging!

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