Posted on: August 3, 2010

lol there was an hour long delay and then I missed the first 47 minutes because I had adblocked ustream without even realizing it…wtf. Anyway, it is currently live and will run for ten hours, until 9pm JST. Watch it at the Ustream channel instead of the WMG page, since it’s getting too much traffic and becoming laggy. You should definitely check this out (if for some reason you haven’t been convinced yet) because the throwbacks in this are incredible, and I’ve just been watching the old pvs! I’m tweeting away in the live chat thing so you should join!

ETA: New twitter accounts!
Su @sussicaalba
Ilmari @ilmari_rire
Ryo-Z @ryoujinarita


23 Responses to "GOOD TIMES TV is LIVE"

yes I saw it, They all so funny baka XDDD
so slow typing for sing up at twitt XDDD~
and I’m waiting for Pes-san ^^

I saw you comment on the wall too~

Really??!! Oh my! thx! hhahaha
so can I follow ur twitt ??

my twitt name:keysbearcc and where? you from?

done! can you follow me back?
I’m from Indonesia, and you?

hong kong@china=]

tina can you see me? haha!!
I miss many parts at afternoon because i want out with my friend I think their should put the vid in their offical page we can see it againXD
and then: do you find pes twitter yet? i cant’t find it/3\

yesss I saw you! I expected the ustream thing to be like music videos/specials we’ve already seen repeated over and over all day long, with some visits from RS, but it really was nothing like that. Instead it was all new stuff (there were music videos, but they didn’t last very long) for ten straight hours! NOTHING was repeated (except the GOOD TIMES album advertisement)! I’m fine with that since I saw the majority (it’s nighttime here lol) of it, but I thought they would do small stuff repeated because not everyone is going to watch it for ten hours nonstop lol.

I couldn’t find Pes’s twitter, I tried so hard. :'( I thought he would have one since he was helping Ryo-Z make an account! and omg, I think Pes was getting a little too drunk/excited at that GOOD TIMES release party…hahahah he was doing a lot of yells/short screams during the performances.

I want to see ilmari 100 question(3:00)`but i miss it/3\ p.s. i love pes’s crazystye xd

crazy style

oh the 100 questions thing was alright, it was one of those things where you could only really enjoy if you understood Japanese. he did get a LOT of laughs from the staff though while answering questions…and he didn’t answer them all within the time limit (only 6 more to go! haha), so he had to eat some kind of nasty sushi and his reaction was pretty funny.

indeed even I dun really understand at all, but I’m enjoy it ilmari looks to lazy serious type to answering all question! XDDD~
and the end He failed!
Time up! and must eat some sushi (i think it’s oishi) XDDDDDDD nasty huek huek XDDDD

I find a utube channel had upload a bit of the tv part:

omg thanks keys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

i hope he can keep to upload;)

same. I’ll do a summary post on the event soon.

add oil;D wait you

Oh, man. I know I’m awfully late to this post, but Rip Slyme on Twitter? I’m so tempted to set up an account just to tell them how awesome they are to this American girl who barely knows what they’re singing about. I would die of happiness if they were on Facebook.

oh man if they were on facebook…if only. I wonder if they realize that they have fans in the US? lol

I just joined Twitter and sent Su a message telling him that (as an American) I loved Rip Slyme. I don’t even know if he can read it or if he cares, but I can’t say I didn’t try. Geez, I feel like an eight year old sending fanmail to the New Kids on the Block all over again.

hahha I’m sure that since it’s probably one of the few tweets he gets in english, it’ll catch his attention! And it’s ok I went a little nuts when they were checking out the chat box during the ustream broadcast lol it was moving way too fast for them to notice…omg at one point I think one of my messages came up on the screen and Ilmari, Pes, and Ryo-Z went “OH! OH OH OH! LOOK” and my heart stopped, but I’m pretty sure they were referring to something else lol :(

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