Music Station (7/30) & Ustream Marathon

Posted on: August 1, 2010

RIP SLYME performed SCAR on Music Station yesterday. They’ll be back next week to do Good Times. They will be on Music Lovers tomorrow.

To celebrate their 10 year anniversary with a major label, RS5 is doing a Ustream marathon on Wednesday (the day that the album comes out), running from 11:00am – 9:00pm JST. It will include video clips of performances, music videos, interviews, and more! Bookmark the site and follow @ripslymetv on Twitter for updates and messages! Apparently Pes made his very first tweet on that account yesterday!

A vinyl edition of GOOD TIMES will be released on Sept. 22nd, but it doesn’t have the same tracklist as the original CD/digital versions. The vinyl tracks were hand-picked by Fumiya.
A-Side: Rakuen Baby / JOINT / Tonight / Super Shooter / I-N-G / Rock it! / FUNKASTIC / GALAXY / SPEED KING / Nettaiya
B-Side: Tasogare Surround / Tales / Taiyou to Bikini / love & hate / Hoshi ni Negai wo / Bubble Trouble / Good Day adidas original remix by DJ FUMIYA / Good Times / SCAR

I think it’s rather interesting to note that Tonight made it onto the album, since it was a b-side on the new Mata au Hi Made single and nothing more. The other tracks if I recall correctly are all on the CD/digital version as well, except for the Good Day remix, though it’s not a big surprise that it’s on there. Tonight is such an awesome song though. :)

Look better to you?

1 Response to "Music Station (7/30) & Ustream Marathon"

I’m happy for him if he feels better about himself, but I’ll miss his snaggleteeth! I think it added to his charm.

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