Posted on: July 18, 2010

Big fat thank you to jpopsuki for uploading something as “minimal” as this. A short, three track cd was distributed at Tsutaya stores to promote the upcoming greatest hits album, GOOD TIMES. The tracks are a ten minute mix of all of their WMJ singles, and one minute previews of Good Times and SCAR. Public since they’re just previews.

9:48, 13.6mb, m4a format

SCAR (Compact)
1:04, 1.5mb, m4a format

Good Times (Compact)
:59, 1.4mb, m4a format

SCAR and Good Times sound awesome! I’ve got the SCAR preview on repeat lol. So happy with these new tracks they’ve been rolling out!

Oh, and an episode of “Joker: Yurusarezaru Sousakan” was uploaded to youku, so you can catch the ending featuring SCAR. Starts at 56:05. You get a little more out of this than the compact version posted above.

Fumiya made a tweet awhile ago that they were shooting a pv, and it looks like it was for SCAR. According to Space Shower TV, the pv is due out very soon (or perhaps it has already been released?).

So coming up this week, it looks like we’ll be getting Going Over from the SMAP collab, Last Vacation (maybe) with Pes, Ryo-Z, and DJ Hasebe, and the SCAR pv. Sounds pretty good to me, so stick around.

1 Response to "GOOD TIMES Digest"

I already order for their THIS best work 10th anniv!
can’t wait for my copy!
Omg I love SCAR preview and the PV too!

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