“Tonight” on YT

Posted on: June 30, 2010

Here is the b-side to the new Mata au Hi Made 2010 single, トゥナイト (Tonight).

It makes me think of music from the Katamari game series and Cardcaptor Sakura lol. I LOVE it!

The GOOD TIMES promotional site has launched. The site includes many goods that can be purchased with RIP SLYME points (pretty sure this is Japan only lol) and background info on the songs in GT. Looks like there’ll be a GOOD TIMES special music video mix. According to the site, Pes wrote SCAR, with assistance from Fumiya in arrangement. It has a samba theme.

RS5 is going to make an appearance on the July 30th segment of Music Station! They will be performing SCAR. It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen a live performance from them, so this is awesome.

Ryo-Z and Pes have collaborated with DJ Hasebe and Juju on a song titled “Last Vacation feat. RYO-Z & PES (from RIP SLYME) & JUJU.” It’s due out on July 21st, the release of DJ Hasebe’s album.

5 Responses to "“Tonight” on YT"

that’s a nice song ~
I hope i can have time to buy the single today=]

Omg, it’s totally “Honey” from CCS! hahaha…I’m totally getting the Katamari vibe too. What a fun song! I love RS B-sides. :)

OMG YOU’RE RIGHT LOL it also reminds me of some of the background music from ccs, but I definitely detect some hints of Honey!

pretty good~~~
i can’t wait to get the”Good Times”album.

This is so sweeeet!!! I cant Wait for the upcoming album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW i love rip slyme…forever…by the way nice guitar strings at the end!!!!!

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