A Notice

Posted on: January 24, 2010

Sorry everyone that I haven’t updated. Not only have I been somewhat busy, but no news has been coming out of RS5. Well, Ilmari and his girlfriend Ebi-Chan went to Guam a few weeks ago (source). That’s about all I picked up.

In other matters…this week I’m starting university, meaning that I will be that much busier and it’ll be harder for me to keep up with the group and the blog. I admit I’ve lost some interest because of the lack of news (and cancellation of Rip Locks), but I still care about them. Please feel free to send in submissions about any news or such regarding Rip Slyme. I will credit you. Leave a comment or send an email. If it gets bad enough I might have to give somebody access to the blog and let them update it.

I hope you guys understand. I’d really appreciate the help!

2 Responses to "A Notice"

I haven’t been up to date on RS5, due to being busy also.
I’ll send you a message if I find out anything new. :)

I love you .. Ilmari the best Rip Slyme ..

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