HQ Hoshi ni Negai wo

Posted on: December 28, 2009

There you go! On the lookout for an mp3 or whatever. Not their best imo, but it’s slowly growing on me.

8 Responses to "HQ Hoshi ni Negai wo"

uhhh I have the mp3

omg really? did you rip it or did you download it? lol

youtube downloader lol

oh I was looking for a cd-rip/itunes/whatever download instead of a youtube rip because I’m a quality nut, but if you want you could upload it for those that don’t mind :)

well i did download it in high quality

Sounds Ok, Ryo-Zs part was nice but i agree – not their best song.

Yeah, good song, not bad. Bat way too many ballyhoo…

I’m loving this tune!!!… It’s catchy

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