Hoshi ni Negai wo Radio Rip

Posted on: December 20, 2009

I was a little distracted so I didn’t get to record some of the beginning lol sorry! However the song does replay at the end while Chris Peppler, Ryo-Z, and Pes are talking, so if you listen closely you should be able to hear it. Other than that, here’s the song! Enjoy! It’s low quality but take what you can get ok.

Hoshi ni Negai wo (Radio Rip)

4 Responses to "Hoshi ni Negai wo Radio Rip"

kinda don’t like their new “hardcore-rap” style :( i love rip slyme of “blue be-bop”, “blow”, “galaxy” and “rakuen baby”. and all that teriyaki boyz thing just spoiled them, imho 8-|

not quite sure what you mean by hardcore-rap, but tbh I am a little disappointed in this song as well. I don’t like it when they say “pray, love” in the background. however, I think the mcs did a pretty good job other than that. nami miyahara’s singing doesn’t sound like it’s apart of the song…like it sounds like she’s singing from the radio station or something, I can’t explain it.

Hm the quality 8(

lol sorry it’s from the online radio sooo…

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