Upcoming New Song!

Posted on: November 21, 2009

ETA 11/21: This news source reports that Ilmari and his girlfriend Yuri Ebihara (aka Ebi-chan) are engaged. If it’s true, then congratulations Ilmari! :)

ALSO, HAPPY BELATED 36TH BIRTHDAY SU!!!!!! his bday was yesterday, the 20th!! ♥

RIP SLYME has written a brand new song to be featured in J-WAVE radio’s new Winter 2009 Campaign (“PLAY FOR LOVE, PRAY FOR ALL”). The song is named “星に願いを” (Hoshi ni Negai wo), which I think means Wish Upon a Star (correct me if I’m wrong!). I’ll let you know when the song or samples of it surfaces.

1 Response to "Upcoming New Song!"

Oh I can’t wait! I hope this will be song with an winter atmosphere like tales…

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