TB, More Concerts

Posted on: November 11, 2009

ETA: I added some pics of Ilmari from the PUSH CONNECTION 2009 Spring/Summer Collection after the jump. We’ve seen some before, but these are in higher quality, and we love some Ilmari goodness. They were taken in October ’08.

Hey there! Just dropping in with some small updates.

Ai Otsuka released her newest album, “LOVE is BEST,” today (or yesterday for Japan lol). It includes her collaboration with Su, aisu×time. I was kinda hoping she’d do the song with him on Music Station this Friday, but instead she’s doing a different song.

Teriyaki Boyz have an album due out in a few weeks entitled “DELICIOUS JAPANESE.” It’s a compilation of some of their songs remixed by Verbal according to CDJapan. It will include a dvd of their “DO YOU LIKE JAPAN? TOUR” with performances and backstage footage.

I haven’t been able to find out any information about their recent concerts with MONGOL800 or UNICORN! However, we’ll definitely be hearing about their upcoming performances at this year’s Countdown Japan ’09/10, and their annual Christmas live! ~RIP SLYME X’mas LIVE 2009 MANIA “C”HRISTMAS,~ according to the RS5 hp, is apparently going to last for TWO days! That’s awesome! :)

Finally, Pes decided to spend his Halloween with Wise.

^from Sonpub

Obviously everyone wanted to Joker-ize themselves, but Pes looks more like a sad (but cute and happy) clown lol! Love it! ♥ Also, loving the SPEED KING costume! If you’re wondering, I haven’t been hunting specifically for Pes pictures, it’s just that he’s been hanging around Wise alot lately and Wise updates his blog often. Fumiya’s been updating his blog more lately as well though, about daily life things. :p Su’s in the spotlight for his work with Ai Otsuka, and Ryo-Z and Ilmari have the new TB mix cd. Sigh, I miss Rip Locks.

Ilmari for PUSH CONNECTION 2009 Spring/Summer Collection

7 Responses to "TB, More Concerts"

Oh nice, can’t wait for the teriyaki boyz DVD!

There’s quite a long tracklist according to this:

Looks like a few brand new songs as well as contributions for Kool Keith and Jay-Z!? Pretty exciting…

Yeah, it’ll be fun to see the collaboration of JAY-Z and RYO-Z

yeah I remember reading something about TB and Jay-Z a few months ago. it should be great! lol jay-z, ryo-z ha

aww I love pes’ costume!!~ :D

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