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Posted on: September 16, 2009

ETA 9/28: The RS5 hp made some corrections regarding the QC dvd. The DFM clips are indeed the final show (11/22), not 11/13, and there was also something about it being in 2008, not 2007 on a sticker. Yay, a final! I’m really sorry about the EXTREME lack of updates lately but I seriously can’t find any news or videos! I edit posts when I feel that the updates aren’t that big of a deal lol. I did however find some nice screenshots from the new dvd, check them out here. :D

ETA 9/22: itunes japan is selling the Good Day audio from the Quick Cut dvd. lol random much?

ETA 9/17: Everything here has been confirmed by WMJ’s Quick Cut listing. :D Hooray! With some new additions listed below in bold…

from here

Live Clips

  • op, Today, Lovi, SPEED KING, TIME TO GO, Dandelion, Tokyo Classic @ DANCE FLOOR MASSIVE III (11/22/08 Final @ Zepp Tokyo)
  • op, Good Day, Taiyou to Bikini, love & hate, MC (talk), Hitchhike Girl, Rock it!, Watch out !, Rock’n’ Roll Radio, MC, Beauty Focus, Journey, Nettaiya @ LIVE ON “JOURNEY” TOUR (7/12/09 @ Nagoya, not the last show)

Original Short Movie


Music Videos

  • Nettaiya, SPEED KING, Taiyou to Bikini, STAIRS, Good Day, Good Day adidas original remix by DJ FUMIYA

TV Spots

  • Nettaiya, SPEED KING, Taiyou to Bikini (Standard + other 12 special versions, they’re probably talking about the voiceovers the boys did), STAIRS, Journey, Good Day adidas original remix by DJ FUMIYA

Making of Music Videos

  • Nettaiya (Woman version + Dance version), SPEED KING, Taiyou to Bikini, STAIRS, Good Day, Good Day adidas original remix by DJ FUMIYA

Wow! This sounds INCREDIBLE! SO MUCH better than the Cut It Now! dvd, considering almost everything is brand new AND there are a ton of songs from their lives! CIN only had nine lives (four of which had aired on tv previously), while QC has SIXTEEN (with only one we’ve seen)! The only disappointment I feel is that the lives aren’t from the last shows, and I personally wanted to see Supreme. Everything else looks fantastic though! Maybe I should start saving up. ;) Very excited to see what the short movie has in store for us!

Side note, did you hear the reference Ilmari made to RS5’s BANZAI in his collaboration with Kaela Kimura? :D Speaking of Kaela, she and Su aren’t dating anymore, for those of you who are curious. No news specifically about their break up, just that she’s dating some other guy.

3 Responses to "Quick Cut Content"

Oh!!! I saw Eita (new kaela’s BF) in a dorama called Last friends!

Ouhh that sounds good.. I think that I will order the DVD next week.
But as you can see, there won’t be a live DVD of their Journey Tour.. soo sad.. I’d love to see the final show. :(

yeah it sucks that there won’t be a dvd of the Journey tour and that we won’t even get to see the last show, but at least the dvd has a majority of the concert in nagoya.

btw, if you get the dvd, tell us all about it please!!! :)

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