MTV Vibrations Performances

Posted on: September 3, 2009

ETA 9/16: Mata au Hi Made from the MASTERPIECE tour! Sorry everything has been so slow guys, but I really can’t find any news, not even regarding the upcoming Quick Cut dvd.

ETA 9/7: The JOURNEY tour Good Day performance from the Quick Cut dvd has been uploaded on youtube! Watch it before it gets deleted! The screen is a little cut off, but it’s all good. ;)

MTV added RS5’s performances from MTV Vibrations! Just click on the numbers next to RIP SLYME! #1 is Rakuen Baby, #2 is JOINT, and #3 is FUNKASTIC. Rakuen Baby imo is the best, it includes Ryo-Z and Su’s sick dance moves, and Ilmari and Su’s near kiss! These aren’t the only songs they did, so there may be more to come. :) Also, Quick Cut is T-20 days…

2 Responses to "MTV Vibrations Performances"

Nice nice.. The Good day performance sound very nice.. But I’m wondering if the hole concert will be on the DVD. I doubt that..

yeah I highly doubt that, it’d have to be a two disc dvd if it were :| I can’t seem to find anything on which performances will be on the dvd.

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