Funkastic at RIJ09 and Stuff

Posted on: August 29, 2009

eta 8/31: MTV vibrations added a short clip of the boys talking. LOL at Su and the microphones! Watch it here by clicking on “RIP SLYME” in the first set.

eta 9/19: video fixed, now working

Oh look, it’s something moderately new! FUNKASTIC with the Journey All Stars from the Rock in Japan Festival 09. You guys have GOT to watch this, there’s a hint of Thriller here, in the music AND their dance moves! TOO AWESOME! Check it out before it gets taken down like JOINT was.

Anyhow, I actually like Sailaway (YA-KYIM song featuring Pes) a lot more than I thought I did. I can’t stop listening to it; it’s been on repeat for awhile! I’m really loving Pes in it, especially when he goes “hey!” in the background. So, I looked into it some more a few days ago. GOO and Tsutaya are saying that Pes wrote the words and music for Sailaway. Not sure how reliable the two are, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true. :)

If you’re wondering about the recent news updates on the RS5 hp, one is about an art exhibit of Matsuya Ginza that includes the characatures of the boys from the FIVE/Good Job eras. The other is just saying that RSF will be open for registration again, but for a limited time only…Japan residents only. :(

Sorry about the fact that there haven’t been many updates lately. I haven’t really heard any news, except for a video of Ilmari and Kaela Kimura talking to the press about the Gap anniversary campaign and their collaboration. Of course, the reporters start bugging Ilmari about Ebi-chan as he’s leaving. :p Oh, and if you saw that poster for Wise’s Love Quest release tour 9/12, Ryozee-Jeff is Ryo-Z.

Oh wait, there’s actually more! If you go to the Warner RS5 site (in the navigation to your right), there’s a small picture of the boys at a campfire. Either that’s a magazine shoot or something to do with Quick Cut. I’m hoping for the latter.

Did I mention that they were the finale for the event? ;)


From mtvjapan

From Rock in Japan Fes 09. idk I saw this on Fumiya’s blog and thought it was cute. :p

6 Responses to "Funkastic at RIJ09 and Stuff"


yes, it’s MUCH better than his last one.

lol i did not expect that ilmari gay for su =)

let’s be honest, I’m pretty sure they’d ALL go gay for each other. Actually…they have. ♥

poor Ebi-chan…

Yeaii, Funkastic sounds so cool :D I want to see the hole performance. :D

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