Kaeramari x GAP!

Posted on: August 20, 2009

Ilmari and Kaela Kimura (is she still dating Su? lol) are part of Gap’s 40th Anniversary Music Campaign! Ilmari has done a Gap shoot before, if you don’t remember or haven’t seen, it should turn up in google images. I hate how for this shoot they decided to photoshop his hair to near white. >:( At the link, you can check out the behind the scenes movie. Even though there are some unflattering shots (lol <3 you Ilmari), it's cute watching Ilmari say "yes" to the english speaking stylists/photographers and seeing him interact with Kaela. Because of her relationship with Su, I'm not too surprised that they're friendly and comfortable with each other. Kaela even calls their collaboration "Kaelamari!" hahaha!

Oh, and it just so happens that they did a song together for the campaign! Go and listen to ミラクル☆BANZAI in its entirety. The song repeats itself after finishing. I think it’s a cute song! If you’re wondering, that’s Miracle☆BANZAI, and it’s Kaela Kimura feat. Ilmari. :D I haven’t found the Ya-Kyim song with Pes yet, nor the Orquestra de la Luz mix of Nettaiya. :/ ETA: Check the comments for a download! Thanks Eric!

Side note, Fumiya has said on his blog that he has a cold. :( Hope he feels better! He’s always getting sick.

7 Responses to "Kaeramari x GAP!"
here’s the background music from that page (if posting this is illegal, please delete my message)

lol I think it’ll be okay. if I change my mind later I’ll probably just stick it in a protected entry. thanks! :D

問題ない! =)

oooookay!! alllllright!!!! ;)

i love the “boku rano kokoroha dameji kakou…” part of this song, especially when sung by Ilmari :-)

actually at the end right there he’s saying “8bit” not dameiji kakou :p but yeah I love that part too.

Thanks a lot Tina! You’re the best:)

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