Quick Cut Cover

Posted on: August 17, 2009

Verdict? I expected something better lol. Well, it’s the content that counts, not the cover. ;)

The Bubble Trouble and JOINT performances from the last Funfair tour were taken off of nicovideo. :( However, someone did manage to upload Zatsunen Entertainment from the tour, including Ilmari’s beatboxing and a little of By the Way. I feel a need to post these since these performances were omitted from the dvd. :p There’s also the Phantom live from 2001 if you’re interested.

A few days ago, RS5 performed at MTV Vibrations ’09 and J-Wave Live 2000+9. Setlist and very few pics are at the links if you wanna check them out. Flannels seem to be this year’s summer uniform for them. :p Both lives will be airing on tv very soon. Also, the RS5 HP tells us to tune into Fuji TV Wednesday at 23:00 Japan time. It might be another talk show or something, so if you wanna see it make sure you have Keyhole tv. It’ll probably be uploaded to youtube though.

Don’t forget, Pes’s collaboration with Ya-Kyim comes out on Wednesday! There’s already a preview (track 7) available on WMJ, but I don’t hear any Pessy in the sample.

5 Responses to "Quick Cut Cover"

that “By The Way” is something like their own signature, i guess
i saw them doin freestyle, using the chorus on some other vid

yeah, I saw them doing it at a Dance Floor Massive II clip too.

My DJ on the 2 Turn table
4 MC on the microphone
…Masterpiece 2004!

By the way – 5 guys (??)
5 guys (??) is a Rip Slyme five

and then everyone was introducing himself…
That was the legendary freestyle on their rough cut five dvd. The beat was done by fumiyas scratches. Just awesome!

“By The Way, Five Guy’s Name(X3)
Five Guy’s Name is Rip Slyme 5”
Of course, they pronounce it this with Japanese accent (five gaizu name), so it is difficult to understand what exactly do they say =)

yup eric’s right, just checked the TC booklet :)

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