Posted on: August 12, 2009

ETA: JOINT from 08/09 Countdown Japan in its entirety! I’ve never seen the whole thing before. Isn’t Pes’s “waiii! wai!” so cute?! <3 And isn’t it weird how Su’s voice was high after the new year and then he got low again to finish the song? loll

You know, the guy who wrote EVOLUTION and sometimes dj's at clubs?

(from yahoo magazine)

It’s Su! :) susu backwards?

Rip Slyme had one of those surprise lives last Monday for Fuji tv’s Mezamashi Live (United States of Odaiba?). Two people uploaded clips from the program on youtube, but the first was taken down by fuji, and I guess the other caught wind of it so he just made it private. It was of the guys talking to the morning news reporters while eating breakfast, and then the camera panned over to Su sleeping in a sleeping bag LOL. He shaved all of his hair off btw. They also showed a five second clip from the Journey tour. The next morning they aired small bits from the live and spoke with the guys backstage. Flannels seem to be in, hahah. Also, DJ Soma was there! Despite the heavy rain, it was reported that 3,000 people showed up! So proud of my boys! :’) Sorry I couldn’t show it to you guys :( However, the concert will air in its entirety a month from now, so you might see it anyway, or someone will upload it again soon. I think you can live with a few pictures from the event? ;) Just drag the pics to your url bar or whatever to see them bigger.

I found a seven year old documentary on the boys on tudou. It follows them on their international tours. Actually, a better description of the doc can be found at an old but great RS5 blog.

Oh, uh, I just realized it’s WAY after midnight here lol. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RSV! This blog has been up and running for one year! Can you believe it?! I can’t believe it. I can’t believe that I stuck with something this long LOL. Originally and temporarily named RIP SLYME FIVE, this thing really just started out as the worst attempt at romanizing RS5 lyrics, but then it grew into what it is now because I needed to find an outlet to babble about how talented and adorable the boys are. <3 I also wanted to share with everyone all the good stuff I could find on RS5 because I didn’t wanna hog it all to myself! Stay tuned later today (feels like tomorrow to me heh) for a surprise for Rip-aholics!

6 Responses to "WHO IS DJ USUS?!"

Ouhh Happy Birthday RSV ♪ ~~ You make a great job! I really appreciate your work :D

What a coincidence! Yesterday is was looking for DJ USUS when I read his name on Verbal’s Blog, because a poster said that he’s a RIP SLYME member. HAHA I just found a short profile, which truly said nothing interesting xD But one of my toughts was that this could be SU, but I wasn’t sure and that sounds really weard to me, so thanks!! I don’t have to muse about DJ USUS anymore :D *hugs*
I watched the Video, but I didn’t know what it was about (:

Ouhhh Thanks for the Video, I was looking for it, but couldn’t find it. Thanks Thanks Thanks *more hugs* :3

YES karu! that’s the EXACT reason why I looked up dj usus! I was like “whaaat?!’ when I saw the poster, so I looked him up! haha the power of google, gotta love it. and thanks! :)

Happy blogday! This is my favorite RS5 place on the internet (other than the official site, of course!) and I’m so happy that there’s someone who loves Rip Slyme as much as I do! I’m a little sad to hear about Su shaving his head, because he’s so cute with hair, but I love Su-san no matter what he does! Thank you for all that you do and keep up the good work!

awww thanks! <3 I liked Su with hair too, but I still love him because he's so hillarious and silly. :p

Happy Birthday for best RS5 fan-site&blog, luv it!
I am so happy that i found this website, because you know, i’m from Russia and i think i’m the only RS fan here :-\. So i had to go out in “big” internet to search for RS fan-sites, and now i’m here! (i apologize for my bad engrish)
BTW, Am I the only one who thinks that shaved Su-chan looks like he’s a bad-ass Yakuza or something ^_^

awww thanks! you’re not alone! and LOL at the yakuza comment. :p

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