JOINT @ RIJ09 and Another Tour Report

Posted on: August 6, 2009

A small clip of JOINT at last weekend’s Rock in Japan Festival. It’s only a little bit, but you get a peek at how they sound with the Journey All Stars (the backing band they toured with), and JOINT with a saxophone? Wow. :D JOINT is pretty much the last song I’d ever expect to hear with a band like that, and it sounds really great. I wish they’d release a Journey Tour dvd, I would love to hear how every song sounded with the JAS.

Oh, referring to Quick Cut, I think the offshot is the behind the scenes of a music video. Also, an artist designed two mouse pads for the limited edition of the dvd, what the buyer gets is a random selection.

Excite has posted their report of the Journey Tour at Budokan with more pictures. Alot of articles seem to be mentioning something Pes said about couples meeting/getting married at the Funfair tour. hmmm. I don’t really understand it. Also, of course Ryo-Z did a Michael Jackson tribute during the tour, probably a little dance, and Fumiya added a little bit of Thriller into FUNKASTIC.

That’s it for now. Expect a little something on Wednesday. ;) No, really. I’ll stick to it this time.

3 Responses to "JOINT @ RIJ09 and Another Tour Report"

wow; Joint sounds really good in the video! :D

Joint sounds really nice.. I’d like to see the hole performence.. :) Maybe someone will upload, one day x3

yeah some of the festival is supposed to air in two weeks so hopefully someone will upload it for us! :)

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