Good Day remix for sale

Posted on: August 4, 2009

Fumiya’s adidas remix of Good Day is now on sale as a digital single. Since it seems to be very popular, hopefully someone will upload it for us. :) The Orquestra de la Luz album (Salsa Comedor) featuring a new mix of Nettaiya is also out. I checked it out in itunes, and from the sample I felt that it sounded a little awkward. :| I should probably just wait to listen to the whole song before making judgment, I mean the sample gets a little better with every listen.

I found some really great pictures of the Rock in Japan Festival 2009! Per usual, they brought their super soakers. :D To navigate, just keep clicking on the right-sided photo under either the photostream or set. Please don’t steal these photos, they belong to the photographer, who I’m sure risked alot since he could’ve gotten in big trouble with security. lol I thanked him for the pics and he replied to me in japanese, I’m not sure what he said.

I haven’t heard much more about the Quick Cut dvd, except that the Good Fellows xmas concert won’t be on it. Apparently they filmed a music video/offshot in between the live or something like that. Again…still not sure.

Finally, I just wanted to say thanks to Mishidabo of the Lip’s Rhyme forum. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the website is going down in a few days. We’ll miss you Mishi and hope to see you soon!

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