Quick Cut Details!

Posted on: July 30, 2009

ETA 8/1 3am est: RO69 posted their Quick Report of the guys at the Rock in Japan 2009 Festival from TWO hours ago! Very quick indeed. They look like they had fun! :*) Check out Pes rockin Optimystik’s new Zebra sunglasses and Fumiya’s new haircut (OH THANK GOD lol sorry fu-baby)!
6pm est: Fumiya, Su, and Ryo-Z at the DJ booth.

Neowing/cdjapan added their listing for the Quick Cut dvd that includes a description (unlike hmv psshh). This isn’t a full list of what’s in it, but here are some of the things we’ll be seeing in the dvd:

  • Music Videos (Nettaiya, SPEED KING, Taiyou to Bikini, STAIRS, Good Day, Good Day adidas original remix by DJ FUMIYA)
  • Lives from 2008 Dance Floor Massive III Final @ Zepp Tokyo, July 12th (not final) JOURNEY tour, X’mas 2008 ~Good Fellows~ (maybe, Christmas live was mentioned lol), I don’t think any of this stuff has aired on tv before so hooray for all brand new lives!
  • 2007/2008 offshot. hmm idgi, might be behind the scenes or something. Apparently they recorded a music video during (or of?) the offshots.
  • “Annual special movie!” omg yes please!
  • Special mouse pad by an artist? What?
  • Looks like it’s only one disc :( It better not be as short as Cut It Now!
  • 4500yen. ew. 945yen off at hmv, but the shipping cost will make up for it.

So what is Rip Slyme up to these days since the tour ended? Well, they have the Rock in Japan Festival to do this Saturday, and some more summer concerts in August that I can’t think of right now. Busybodies! Ya-Kyim (some female hip-hop group) has a new album coming that features Pes in one of their songs, “セイルアウェイ / YA-KYIM respects PES (RIP SLYME)”, looks like it says “Sailaway.” I’ve never heard of Ya-Kyim before, so I wonder what it’ll sound like. That Orquestra de la Luz collaboration album is coming out in a few days as well, featuring Nettaiya. Finally, I was checking RS5’s oricon charts and Taiyou to Bikini is #1 in their chaku-uta category. It is summer time after all.

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Oh, I like Ya-Kim !! theres a song featuring Wise!

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