Some Nice Videos

Posted on: July 28, 2009

Sorry I didn’t get to upload the stuff I promised, I’ve been busy these past few days, rendering me lazy when I did find spare time. Here are some videos I did manage to find to bide the time. They’re all from the same user so big fat ty to him. Oh, was someone looking for a good quality version of the BLUE BE-BOP pv? I recall someone asking but that was a long time ago. Check his profile, because he has it, as well as Tasogare Surround, the mtv version of JOINT, and some others.

This is from 2006, since Fumiya isn’t around and Pes is blonde. I tried to translate a few of the questions (none of the ones with no clues or way too much kanji for me to figure out). I would’ve translated them all if it didn’t take so long. :< I got the clues from what they were saying since I can't read kanji lol big thanks to It'd be better though if we had an actual legit person translating. I love how Pes kept changing his answers based on what the others said hahah.

1:58 – 甘党は? = who is has the sweet tooth?
2:12 – おしゃれなのは? = who is most fashionable? "everyone!" I personally feel it's Pes, but they do typically wear the same style when they're together…
2:40 – 人見知りは? = who has the most wisdom? idk about this one
2:53 – 女のそに優しいのは? = who is the kindest to women? bahahaha Ilmari.
3:00 – 下心ありで優しいのは? = no idea.
3:13 – 女性全体に優しいのは? = friendliest with women?
0:16 – 寂しがりやは? = who is the quietest/loner/mellow? lol aw pes.
1:15 – 一番の大人は? = number one with women? lmfao

Rock it! from Dance Floor Massive II. It’s DFM, you have to watch it.

Lovi from DFMII. This is actually from the Cut It Now! dvd, so does this excuse me from uploading it now? Just kidding, the uploader said that he might remove videos at any given time, so I might rip it anyway.

Mata au Hi Made ~chronicle mix~ – I’ve never seen this before, but it sounds familiar, so I might be in the minority. lol Pes looked like he was crying at the end.

3 Responses to "Some Nice Videos"

thanks for the videos!
I was the one asking for the BLUE BE-BOP pv,
and thank you for finding it! :D

I thought it was you! just wasn’t sure :p

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but good topic. I needs to spend some time studying more or working
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