LIVE ON JOURNEY TOUR Final @ Budokan 7/22 Setlist

Posted on: July 23, 2009

from ro69

RS5 finished up their tour two days ago. Setlist for the last night:

1. Good Day
2. Taiyou to Bikini
3. love & hate
4. Rakuen Baby
5. Hitchhike Girl
6. Rock it!
7. Do it !
8. Watch out ! feat. JUNGLIST YOUTHS
9. Rock’n’ Roll Radio
10. Here comes the Hero feat. Tortoise Matsumoto
11. Beauty Focus
12. One
13. Tasogare Surround
14. Journey
15. Tales
18. Medley (Zatsunen Entertainment, STEPPER’S DELIGHT, BLUE BE-BOP, GALAXY)
22. Nettaiya
23. La Bamba (Dragon Ash cover of a cover lol)
24. Good Day -adidas Original Remix by DJ FUMIYA-
25. Wonderful
Second Encore
26. Mata au hi Made (BAND ver.)

RO69’s report on the show. RS5 had a rather large backing band for this tour, which I think is really great. Junglist Youths and Tortoise Matsumoto made a guest appearance for this last concert! Also, at one point in every show, the guys made a band and had their own instruments: Ryo-Z on the keyboard, Ilmari and Pes on guitar, Fumiya on drums, and Su with the bass. On some of the other tour dates, for the encore they would sing Super Shooter (lol probably the most popular RS5 song internationally), SPEED KING, and some others I can’t think of right now. Oh, and the Dragon Ash cover…random much? Hahahah. I wonder if we’ll ever get it hear it.

3 Responses to "LIVE ON JOURNEY TOUR Final @ Budokan 7/22 Setlist"

Ah-HA! I couldn’t help but think of KJ from Dragon Ash when I saw Ilmari with the goatee and long wig singing La Bamba in the Mexico Journey Joke.

OMG THANK YOU! You just made me realize that that song was La Bamba! Ugh I feel so stupid not knowing the name of a classic, and I should’ve looked it up anyway lol soo happy about it though! They sang La Bamba when they were in their band setup.

Cool, yeah, I’d love to hear it. The DA version is pretty great.

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