SpongeBob PV + Making Of

Posted on: July 19, 2009

You guys need to thank her TONS <333333333
This includes the SpongeBob song, "SpongeBob no Theme," which I'm sure hardly any of us have heard, and behind the scenes of the recording of “Spongebob vs The Big One.”
I love how we managed to nab this during Nickelodeon's SpongeBob bash/marathon (which I've been watching) for SB's 10 year anniversary, coincidences!
You can hear them listening to the original American version in the background at the table. LOL HAHAHAH SU'S VOICE ACTING! HAHA OMG. This is so good, you HAVE to watch this! Hahaa Ryo-Z's coughing. Pes is the leader of the five surfer dudes, so he gets the most lines. Glad we got to see Pes do the twitch sound. :) Also, I think Fumiya might be having too much fun…

If you forgot the premise of this episode, what happens is SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward get stranded on an island after trying to sell Krabby Patties in the middle of the sea. They meet five surfer dudes, played by RS5. The dudes try to teach SpongeBob and Patrick how to surf, but eventually turn it over to Jack Kahuna Laguna (played by Johnny Depp, Shun Oguri in JP version). They reunite with the dudes in the end and play music.

Once again, THANKS V!!!!

3 Responses to "SpongeBob PV + Making Of"

thank you so much for this!!!!! :D

Wow, this is great! The SB theme is really neat too.

OMG!!! Thanks so muchhhhhhhhhhh

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