Happy Birthday Ryo-Z!!!

Posted on: July 15, 2009

courtesy of DJ FUMIYA!

RIP SLYME’s “leader” turns 35 today! You gotta love Ryo-Z for the sillyness he brings in just about every picture and the energy he brings in shows and concerts. He was a big Michael Jackson fan, even emulating him in the Lovi music video haha. Ryo-Z also hosted Rip Locks every week, so props to him for keeping RS5 alive during difficult times (see: Fumiya’s 05-06 absence). When RS5 appears in public, Ryo-Z is usually (but not always) the one doing all the talking because he knows just what to say, so I guess he is deemed the unofficial leader, even though they’re a five-for-all-all-for-five unit. :p Back in 1995 when the group first started, his stagename was actually Ryo-G, after his real name Ryouji. I’m glad he changed it to Ryo-Z. Even though they sound the same when the Japanese pronounce it, Ryo-Z looks a lot better than Ryo-G lol. Btw, if you see the name Ryozzy Jeff on party posters like for Wise or Bape, that’s Ryo-Z’s dj name or something like that.

Ryo-Z super playlist!

WORK THAT feat. Pharrell & Chris Brown – Teriyaki Boyz. Ryo-Z seriously knocked this one out of the park. I can’t even explain it, he’s so good here.

Hot chocolate – That’s him singing the bridge (I think that’s what it’s called?) with Nami Miyahara!! One of my favorite parts in the song.

BATTLE FUNKASTIC – Ryo-Z’s energy is at his high point in this song! I don’t know what he’s saying before Hotei’s guitar solo, but it always gets the audience up and going at lives!

Lovi – Let’s face it, this is a Ryo-Z dominant song. He has more verses than anyone. “Hello, boys and girls!” His presence must’ve been very strong during the Quruli collab. Also, the Michael Jackson Thriller ending!

Juice – He also owned this song too, along with Pes. When I think of this song, I automatically think Ryo-Z.

Wonderful (CHRISTMAS CLASSICS version) – I love how low his voice is in this version! The original had Ryo-Z trying out a more calm and sensual voice, and he nails it in this version!

STEPPER’S DELIGHT – Again, the whole energy thing. Also, apparently he did something weird for the ending of the music video, but I never got to see it because the uploader for all the SD clips online cut it off. :*(

Zatsunen Entertainment – Ryo-Z is the most audible in the chorus after all. :p

Bubble Trouble – Loved Ryo-Z’s “There is a little story that must be told…” with Fumiya on the Funfair tour! <3

SPEED KING – Hip, hip, hip, hip, shake the hip! That’s right, Ryo-Z can dance! hahaha.

Nettaiya – Ryo-Z’s delivery in this song was perfect and sensual, just right for the song. He totally kept his cool compared to the other guys in the music video too! Bahahah.

StroboX – The only song Ryo-Z has composed! He wrote it with Sonpub. He did great in it.

STRANGE (ALBUM Version) – Ryo-Z was granted an extra verse in this version! heh.

WHAT’S UP?~HOW’RE YOU DOIN’? – Ryo-Z was sort of leading it in here.

JOINT – I always think back to the DFMII live, it was the last song and he was probably tired, but he brought out as much energy as possible and he was one of the reasons why it so great. Also, the music video…lmfaooo.

SHALL WE OUT? – TIME TO GO solo rearing off of Pes’s solo.

Niji – “One rainy day sing a song and we’re swingin’ to it all day long…”

Case 2 MANNISH BOY (Zeek no Theme) – Solo from TOKYO CLASSIC.

I-N-G – Ryo-Z’s samurai outfit in the video always makes me laugh, just because it’s SO ridiculously random.

from last year

autographed spongebobs!

eating Su

still creeps me out ha

I don’t think you wanna fight him.

maybe Su does…

double team! run!!


eating with one of his biffles <3

sources came from various links to your right (like Daisuke Kamii and TB blog), Kaito & Ilmari Presents, and the Rip Locks site, among other places…you know, save them to your hard drive, then forget lol…just remember none of these pics belong to me, except the Cut It Now! shots, but I don’t care if you take those. Happy Birthday, Ryo-Z!

5 Responses to "Happy Birthday Ryo-Z!!!"

I dont like ryo-z … so, re dont deserve my congrats… hahah…

lmao I knew you’d say something like that cintia =P

Happy birthday; Ryo-Z! :)
Great pics haha him with Su as a woman wtf
I like the Dandelion vid gif :)

Ouh >.<
I forgot that his Birthday was yesterday :D

so, Happy belated birthday :D

haha. the pic with Su being a woman is priceless. XD.

thanks for the pics. :D

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