More Collaborations

Posted on: July 14, 2009

Orquestra De La Luz, a Japanese salsa band, is collaborating with RIP SLYME for their 25th anniversary. They’re going to include a new mix of Nettaiya on their anniversary album, “Salsa Shokudo ~Nihon Latin Ka Keikaku!~” This is relatively new information so if I find more on it I’ll follow up of course. Wikipedia says this band typically sings in Spanish, so that’ll be interesting. No idea if the guys will be in the song, but I think that they definitely will be since they left comments on the band’s page regarding the collaboration. Oh yeah, the album’s coming out on August 5th. Hopefully someone will upload it! Other famous artists are participating too so there’s a chance!

The boys are heading into their final two tour dates! They just had one yesterday, and now they’re on a week-long break before the big finale at Budokan in Tokyo (21st & 22nd). Probably to get all the equipment/special stuff ready hehe. They’re also going full-out with the Adidas collaboration, setting up booths with stuff all about it during the last two shows, something called “RIP STRIPES.” Even after that though, they still have concerts to do, such as J-Wave Live 2009, MTV Vibrations, What a Wonderful World!! ’09 with MONGOL800, and the Rock in Japan Festival 2009.

Big fat ty to this blogger, where I found this info. =)

Finally, here is a clip of RS5 and Hotei on Music Station in early 2006. Actually, Fumiya and Ilmari have been working with Hotei recently, some stuff about GUITARHYTHM V. Good for Fumiya, who missed out on the Battle Funkastic collab. Anyway, in the video, it was so weird seeing Su with a nearly bald head and Ilmari with brown hair! I’m so used to seeing them both as blondes, and Su with hair! Ilmari’s been blonde since January and Su has had some amount of hair on his head for way over a year now. Pes also looked significantly different in the video compared to now.

Oh hey, Ryo-Z’s birthday is tomorrow!! Or now? Hahah. bbl

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