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Posted on: June 30, 2009

Hey guys. Not alot of news has been coming out since they’re on tour right now, but here’s what I’ve compiled in the past couple of days.

Yesterday, it was announced that RS5 will be participating in Adidas’s campaign, “60 YEARS OF SOLES AND STRIPES.” They will be releasing a remix of Good Day called “Good Day-adidas Original Remix by DJ FUMIYA.” It will only be available for cell phone use on July 15th of course. >:[ There might be a commercial/clip involved for this, I’m not sure. Rip Slyme has worked with Adidas several times before; in 2004, they had tracksuits specially made for them during the MASTERPIECE tour, then last New Year’s Eve, they donned a grey-and-blue tracksuit, and then finally they wore shoes and tracksuits at the Osaka school graduation surprise. Normally I don’t care too much for alot of RS5 remixes (except for ones done by our boys), but seeing as how this will be done by our very own Fu-chan, I’m excited for it. =D Source is here.

New Years Eve @ Countdown Japan 08/09, from one of the many RO69 blogs, I can’t remember which. Btw, if you scroll down enough on this blog, you’ll be able to find some happy shots of the guys. :)

The boys were on Music Lovers last Sunday. I completely forgot to tell you guys about it and by the time I remembered, it was too late. :/ It was on NTV, which is one of the permanant channels on Keyholetv, meaning you were able to see it. I got to watch it and it was enjoyable, despite the shitty keyhole quality. It was about 22 minutes long. Music Lovers doesn’t get uploaded as often, most likely because it usually features only one artist the whole show.

The show opened up with Rakuen Baby, the boys wearing their Good Day outfits. They struck a pose during “Wonderful time…” as Pes sang along to some of it. I’ve never seen him sing this part before, and I figured it was because his voice was too high or something, but he sounded pretty good and sang it a little differently. After that, they talked with the three co-hosts (all girls), and some random quiet guy was there with them. Everyone seemed really happy and they were laughing alot. Shortly after that, they started doing Taiyou to Bikini and its dance, but as soon as they finished Ryo-Z’s verse, I realized it was a medley, as they immediately switched into Rock’n’ Roll Radio! They started out with Ilmari and Su’s verses after the chorus, which is fine with me, because I love Ilmari’s verse in this song. I can’t remember if they changed songs after Su or if they did the chorus again, but after that they went into Nettaiya. They did Pes and Su’s verses and of course the Nettaiya dance. Everyone in the audience was dancing too. Afterwards, they talked a bit more. They made Ilmari beatbox! Hahahha. Ryo-Z was freestyling to it; “R to the I to the P to the S…”, similar to “By the Way.” They all started dancing in their seats again, except for Pes, who was laughing the whole time. Then, they did Good Day, Su dragging one of the co-hosts to the stage and making her do the dance with them. Finally, they performed the love & hate chorus during the ending credits. Next time they do something like this, I’ll try to remind you guys if it’s available on Keyhole.

Speaking of Good Day, man did I miss the ball on that one! The guest singer is actually Sonomi Tameoka. My apologies to Hirotaka Mori. :p Sonomi is on tour with them right now, and has a blog with backstage pics from the tour, mostly of Fumiya, so you should keep an eye on it. Here are some goodies she took:

Devil Su…with the hair of an angel.

Ilmari celebrating his birthday…click for a bigger picture.

I found some setlists from their tour. The first is from the first concert, and the second is of Ilmari’s birthday. They brought in a cake and sang! Also, they seem to have brought back “Rock it!” They also did Super Shooter during the encore in the second concert…never thought they’d do that again. I wonder if they did an MJ tribute? I know Ryo-Z is a huge Michael Jackson fan, as seen in the Lovi video, and is presumably mourning for one of his favorite singers.

Ok, so I was listening to Hitchhike Girl with my headphones, and after the dialogue, I SWEAR I can hear Pes singing in the background! Especially at the end of “sayonara kako wo keseru onna!”, you can hear a voice in the background doing a cute high pitched finish! I googled it and I think some other blogs mentioned it…but I could be wrong, Su could’ve done it and then digitally altered it. :p It sounds like Pessy though! Also, alot of websites are saying that Ilmari didn’t write any lyrics for Journey or Beauty Focus. Hmm, that’s odd. Well, the boy has been awful busy this year.

Oh hey, sorry about not putting Minute Maid in Ilmari’s bday playlist. That song is all him and I can’t believe I forgot it. :(

I made a rehashed version of my old “composition post” (some of you probably don’t know), I just gotta straighten out my sources and then I’ll put it up.

Finally, check out this video message the guys made for the upcoming MTV VIBRATIONS ’09 concert. Click on RIP SLYME. PLEASE KEEP AN EYE ON PES AND HIS PLACEMENT THROUGHOUT. I REALLY can’t get over how cute and adorable he is! I love watching him dance and bounce around and rap, and even just STANDING THERE. I’m SO glad he dropped his “little renegade” image from back in the day. Btw, he took off his hat at the end of Music Lovers, and he seems to have a boyish haircut now, similar to the Nettaiya days, but shorter.

ok that’s it tata for now SEE SOME OF YOU TOMORROW WINK WINK ^_~

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