Posted on: June 17, 2009

edit 6/24: SORRY, the oricon tv interview/message shit was working last time I checked! ugh I’m so mad about it because it was so cute! The clip was of Pes talking about their new Cut It Now! dvd. Ilmari walks by in the background, notices, and starts waving to the camera frantically without Pes’s knowing. Ilmari climbs on top of the bushes, causing Pes to finally realize he’s there and laughs. Ilmari then runs over next to him and just gives a big goofy smile to the camera, then walks off. :p


Hey guys! Our gorgeous rapper turns 34 today! This part-Finnish part-Japanese mc was actually born in FINLAND. Well, you already knew that. Ilmari’s probably having a really stressful year so far; there’s the new TB album (which he is the “Leader” of), the TB tour, filming PVs, break-ups and very personal gossip, the new RS5 album, and finally the RS5 tour. Actually, he’s got a concert to do today, so he gets to celebrate and hopefully relax a little with hundreds of fans! Looking at more recent pictures, Ilmari seems to have lost a lot of weight. The boy was NEVER chubs, but he was never super thin or built like Pes or Su. Maybe he’s always been this thin, I just haven’t seen many pics of him in a tight shirt or whatever. :p We’re here to celebrate this day Ilmari! We love you and your husky voice and your amazing delivery among other things hehehe…sometimes when I’m watching a video I can’t stop staring at his beautiful face. :p I wonder if the guys actually call him Keisuke in real life…Fumiya referred to him as Keisuke on his blog recently.

Some Ilmari-themed songs for today?

Island – Ilmari co-wrote this with Hirotaka Mori, and he sang the chorus. I like this song alot! “Please?!” :)

Valon (w/ Salyu) – Ok, so the our music performance of this song is the best. :D I love watching him sing Salyu’s part to himself! Also because he looked really cute in the original music video. :x

Mata au Hi Made – Well, Ilmari’s the one opening the song and he’s the one most audible in the chorus. Isn’t that enough? :p

Zannen Boy – Ilmari’s duet with Pes from the FUNFAIR album. He co-wrote it with Yu-ki Nakamura. Check out the FUNFAIR TOUR dvd where him and Pes are playfighting!

StroboX – Ilmari pretty much killed it with this song! :D His grunts and yeahs in the background are so good! rofl

DISCO-MMUNICATION – I like hearing Ilmari chime “u-n-i-t-y” in the background during the chorus. unityyy~

HOME – Another great Ilmari-composed song. Pes did the guitar though.

Taiyou to Bikini – His dancing in the beginning of the video where Pes says the line “koi kogarete shin de shimai sou…” makes me SO weirdly happy everytime I see it. :’) Ilmari’s so cute d’awww! Also, I really love his outro in this song.

Case 4 Bring your style – Ilmari’s solo in the TOKYO CLASSIC album. This song used to be my aim screen name back in 8th grade LOL.

slowdown – The way he sounds in this song is almost as if he’s coming on to you. Which isn’t a bad thing. :9 Everytime it comes on I always skim over to his part!

Journey – I feel as if recently Ilmari is starting to take over Pes’s “chorus boy” (as we deemed him in the lj community) duties! Ilmari is the lead and heart of this song! He sounds lovely, and yes I now approve of the autotune. :p

Watch out ! feat. JUNGLIST YOUTHS – See what I mean as the new chorus boy? Well, Pes is still doing the other chorus, but yeah. :p

Beauty Focus – Chorus boy again! Like Karu said, he did such a great job in this song, specifically in the chorus. I can’t stop listening to it because of him! It’s been on repeat ever since I got the album. ♥ Btw is he saying “ah flameout” after “ah playback”?

Mellow Morrow – Another Pes and Ilmari duet, he wrote this with Hirotaka Mori.

GALAXY – When they do it live, he sings Nami Miyahara’s part (“move on, babe if you got it”), and it’s so cute! Ahhh <3

Asayake Surround – I like the way he sings his verse in this version (maybe they both used the same voice track idk), it’s very pretty.

Supreme – Ok I know Pes sings the chorus but Ilmari completely made this song. I mean, they ALL sound amazing in it, but his part with Nami Miyahara? INCREDIBLE. Alot of the time I fast forward to his part, and when he’s finished I skip over to the next song. I know I said he sounded “horrendous” in the lj comm in this “version” (lol if you’ve been around here enough you’ll know), but that was back when I was convinced the radio rip was dominant, which it certainly is not (I still thought he sounded hot in the radio rip, but now I realize it’s too high)! Ilmari sounds so romantic, sensual, and hot. I melt everytime I listen to it.

WHAT’S UP?~HOW’RE YOU DOIN’? – Oh Ilmari and his crazy beatbox skills.

WHY – I think this was my first glimpse of Ilmari singing. It’s probably my favorite part of the song actually.

Rakuen Baby – Wonderful time, it’s precious time…I know alot of people love this, and I do too!

One (CHRISTMAS CLASSIC version) – idk I just thought he did really great in this version of One, compared to the original.

UNPLUGGED – This has to be one of my favorite RS5 songs; actually, it’s sitting on top of my charts. Supreme actually belongs at #1 but I deleted the radio rip from my library, and that’s why it’s #2. Ilmari wrote this with Hirotaka Mori, and I must say, they did a pretty damn good job with this one. Especially that outro, which, I know is Pes, but still.

“I’M LEAVING” <333333333

LOOKS LIKE HIM IDK found it on some japanese fan blog icr :(

he really likes that hat

he and pes look so good in yukatas. I’m considering buying this issue lol

“sup i’m ilmari, i like to drink even though i can’t hold alcohol for SHIT” <3


(ty asakasoring! :D love it!)

from a new issue of Street Jack? Yahoo auction. Look how thin he looks!

sources: Daisuke Kamii, Verbal, Rip Locks, google, Wise, Kaze to Rock, Yahoo Auctions (lol), Kaito & Ilmari

some hillarious/cute videos I found of Ilmari a few weeks ago:
Pes’s message for Oricon, just watch and squeal.
Message for Yahoo about Hot chocolate – Click the speeds under the interview picture. I love watching Ilmari “flirt” with Su! All the guys take turns describing Hot chocolate. Pes says it’s yabai (dangerous), Ryo-Z says it’s cool, and then Su says it’s spicy, which makes everyone laugh, specifically Ilmari (I LOVE his laugh! I love Su’s and Pes’s laughs too though haha). Ilmari says it’s sweet btw.
Ilmari’s message for GOO. – 56k, 300k, whatever floats your boat. I think Ryo-Z is the one feeding Ilmari information about their dvd lmao. I think I understand why he didn’t like school now… :P

And finally, I know I said I wouldn’t talk about it anymore, but this is probably the last we’ll hear of this for awhile: An english article where Ebihara Yuri admits her relationship with Ilmari. She also hopes for marriage, HAHAHAHAHA LOL.

9 Responses to "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ILMARI~~"

Do you know where i can find the mp3s to DISCO-MMUNICATION, HOME, slowdown, and any other RIP SLYME songs that aren’t on their albums?

Great pics, and the songs you chose are great!
On the song WHY, sometimes I skip to his part too.
I love his voice :D
And I don’t mind him being chorus boy, I listen to the songs where he is the chorus alot. I love him as the lead in some songs :)

happy birthday to Ilmari !!

just a gift for Ilmari fans:
(thanks and credit to tina for the rip slyme discover video! )

omg thanks! and yeah it’s totally ok if he’s the chorus boy and lead! :)

I started listening to J- hip hop because of him:) He is so good!
I love the things you wrote about him and his music.
The pics are great by the way.

I love you Ilmari .. Aishiteruu !!!

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