Another RSV PSA

Posted on: June 11, 2009

Just wanted to let you guys know that over the next few days, this place is turning into download territory. That means a majority of new entries will be locked, and you will only have access to them if you have the password. This is a reminder since I haven’t posted a protected entry in awhile. The password is the same if you already have it. If not, just leave a comment about RS5 and I’ll email you.

Also, I haven’t found the album yet. SORRY. IT WILL BE UP VERY SOON. I’ve also found the Music Station performance they did just a couple of hours ago, and it’s in high-ass quality, so that’ll be up once I’m done downloading and cutting it! It’s on youtube if you can’t wait, hurry before it’s deleted! Consider yourselves to be ridiculously spoiled today. If you haven’t heard any of the songs yet and you don’t wanna wait, here they are on youtube in good quality (except for Watch out! and Hitchhike Girl lol):

1. Intro – You can listen to this on any sample site in its entirety since it’s only 30 secs.
2. Good Day
3. 太陽とビキニ (Taiyou to Bikini)
4. Rock’n’ Roll Radio
5. Do it !
6. Journey
7. love & hate
8. Watch out ! feat. JUNGLIST YOUTHS** (starts at 14:16)
9. Here comes the Hero feat. トータス松本
10. ヒッチハイクガール (Hitchhike Girl)**(starts at 18:44)
13. Beauty Focus

I know it’s not the same as having it on your ipod, but I know some of you don’t care and would rather listen to the music now than later.
**You must be a registered nicovideo user to listen to these.

And finally, here are some interesting screenshots from the behind the scenes of the SpongeBob voiceover on the dvd. lol @ Fumiya and his SpongeBob infatuation. Check out Pessy picking his nose and staying cute on the next page at the bottom.

8 Responses to "Another RSV PSA"

hi, i jst got into rip slyme’s music (i lurveeee ilmari’s voice)and just discovered your site. Can i have the password please? thanks!

Hi! First, thank you very much for your site. You post so many informations about Rip Slyme!! I was very happy yesterday to find the link with the new songs on you tube! And today again ! :)
Journey is very a beautiful song!
I would like to see your other posts which are protected, so can I have the password please?
And thank you again for all your posts!

hehe the pics from the behind the scenes SpongeBob are funny. Fumiya and Su :D
I’m looking for the album too, I’ll let you know if I find anything.

yeah I found the album, but the torrent is pending, so I can’t get to it just yet! I’ll put it up when I get it.

I couldn’t find the album, too.. T.T
But I listen to the Youtube/NicoVideo stuff right now because it’s better than nothing, altough the quality after downloading it isn’t that great :D

found it, it’ll be up after it gets approved! :)

thx for Ur site that shows so much news about Rip Slyme.

however, i wanna more information but i don’t have password.


22,july. i’ll go to the last Journey Concert in Tokyo!!

oh yeh! can’t wait!!

thx for everything about Rip Slyme that offered.

This is one of the most imforming rip slymes communities yet!
Can I have the password?

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